Best 2 Person Cot For Comfortable Camping In 2024

Camping cots are a type of bed that collapses for easy transporting. They’re here to make your sleeping arrangements a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.

They’re best for recreational camping or where you don’t hike from place to place, and if you just want to cut to the chase, our favorite is the Cam-O-Bunk with Organizers by Disc-O-Bed.

In this article, we’re going to review the following camping cots for two persons:

Best Double Camping Cots

Having suitable sleeping arrangements while camping is essential, which is why we took extra care when choosing our top six. By following our criteria further below, we sieved through the mass to find the best.

Cam-O-Bunk with Organizers by Disc-O-Bed
Maximum weight capacity:  500 poundsItem weight:  36 poundsDimensions:  35 x 79 inches

This amazing cot by Disc-O-Bed is an innovative bunk bed design, where one cot sits above the other.

If you’re looking for something versatile, this is it — you can use it in various ways for different purposes. The compact size even makes it fantastic in the back of a camper van if you’re traveling by car. You can alter the setup in these cases, creating either a bench or two single cots.

The construction is sound and shouldn’t budge. It consists of rust-resistant, ultra-strong steel that can safely accommodate 500 pounds per single cot, making the total capacity 1,000 pounds total. As a finish, the steel is powder-coated for added durability and look.

Each cot includes high-grade polyester that’s water-resistant and easy to keep clean. For your comfort, Disc-O-Bed utilized contoured support, which means that there are no hard middle braces across the bed. Instead, the material stretches according to your body, creating a soft surface without you needing a mattress.

The cots each measure 35 inches wide and 79 inches long, which should be ample. To the side, you’ll have organizers for your equipment. Also, the bed is straightforward to assemble without using tools.


  • Versatile bunk bed design.
  • High weight capacity.
  • Comfortable cot.
  • Storage compartments included.


  • Very heavy.
Camping Cot Air Mattress and Pump Combo by Coleman
Maximum weight capacity:  600 poundsItem weight:  41.2 poundsDimensions:  78 x 59 x 22 inches

Sometimes, a cot just isn’t comfy enough, especially for recreational camping. This bundle from Coleman provides you with a camping cot and air mattress.

The cot is exceptional and has a steel frame that can support up to 600 pounds. To each side, there are built-in tables with cup holders that you can use for small lamps or books.

The air bed is wonderful, too. It’s a coil design, which conforms to suit your better, providing outstanding support. Coleman made sure that it wouldn’t leak through its factory-testing process to ensure firmness all night.

It opens up as a queen-size camping cot, measuring 78 by 59 inches with a 22-inch height. It keeps you well above the cold ground, and the bed and mattress are foldable for storing when not in use.

You can customize the mattress as you’d like. It comes with a removable, zippered cover that you can change as needed.

Included in the bundle is also an electric pump. It’s battery-powered, which is perfect for the outdoors. Note that the pump requires four D-cell batteries, and these aren’t provided.


  • Durable cot frame.
  • Airtight mattress.
  • Coil design that adjusts to the body.
  • Side tables on the cot frame.


  • Very heavy and cumbersome.
  • Using the cot without the mattress is uncomfortable.
Tent Cot with Rain Fly by Kamp-Rite
Maximum weight capacity:  500 poundsItem weight:  42 poundsDimensions:  85 x 55 x 59 inches

Having everything in one package is fantastic when camping — this tent cot is innovatively designed, combining a sleeping cot with a tent for protection.

This oversized tent cot is very robust — it’s composed of a heavy-duty steel frame and durable Denier nylon.

You’ll appreciate how easy it is to set up — despite its complicated look, setting it up won’t take all day. The tent is roomy as well and includes a set of spreader bars that work to expand it, thus optimizing your interior space.

We’re amazed by the versatility, too. If you don’t want to use the cot, you can simply detach the tent and sleep in that, or vice versa. Included are also a roller-wheeled carry bag for the bed and a separate container for the tent.

The tent itself isn’t half bad. It consists of no-see-um mesh on the windows and doors, preventing even the tiniest pests from sneaking inside. The windows and doors feature heavy-duty zippers, and the cot will keep you off the ground, protected from cold, moisture and insects.


  • Two-in-one package.
  • Durable frame.
  • High-quality tent.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Carry bags aren’t water-resistant.
EZ-Bed Air Mattress with Frame by Ivation
Maximum weight capacity:  450 poundsItem weight:  48.9 poundsDimensions:  79 x 61 x 24 inches

If you want full comfort, then we can only recommend the air mattress and frame from Ivation.

With a built-in pump, the mattress inflates automatically, which takes less than four minutes. The pump features different settings, allowing you to choose the firmness of the bed. You can pick between plush, medium or firm.

Another neat feature is the self-deploying frame. All you do is unzip the bag, plug it into an outlet, turn it on and then walk away. Within minutes, your bed is ready—excellent if you have impatient children with you.

The bed has fairly standard dimensions. It measures 79 by 61 inches and keeps you 24 inches above the ground. The airbed can support up to 450 pounds, but it’s considerably heavy, weighing in at 48.9 pounds.

Fortunately, the duffle bag included for transport has wheels. This way, you won’t have to break your back getting it from the car to the tent. On top of this, the bed deflates completely, making it easy to transport to the campsite.


  • Easy to transport.
  • Built-in automatic pump.
  • Self-deploying design.
  • Maximum comfort.


  • Seams are fragile.
Portable Two Person Double Folding Camping Cot by Outsunny
Maximum weight capacity:  300 poundsItem weight:  24 poundsDimensions:  49.2 x 79 x 15 inches

With a lightweight design, this two-person camping cot from Outsunny is excellent for backpackers. The double bed is a portable design, which is quick to fold and transport.

The cot weighs approximately 24 pounds and folds into a compact package measuring 38.2 by 5.9 by 7.5 inches. Included is a carry bag so you can quickly wrap it up when you’re ready to go. The cots measure 49.2 inches in width, 79 inches in length, and they’ll keep you 15 inches above the ground.

This model is a side-by-side design with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. It’s not the highest weight limit, but that’s a sacrifice for portability.

For materials, Outsunny used 600D PVC Oxford fabric, which is incredibly durable as well as water-and-tear-resistant. The frame features sturdy powder-coated steel with attached feet, providing some much-needed stability, even on uneven surfaces.


  • Lightweight design; easy to transport.
  • Included carry bag.
  • Durable materials.


  • Low weight limit for a two-person cot.
  • No setup instructions included.
Camping Cot Double 2-Person by KingCamp
Maximum weight capacity:  550 poundsItem weight:  35.5 poundsDimensions:  85 x 55 x 19 inches

KingCamp has the perfect double cot for couples who need some extra room. The bed is wider and longer than the others on our list.

The bed measures 84.5 inches in length and 55 inches in width. Now, KingCamp admits that due to the middle bar, snuggling up with each other isn’t that comfortable. Because of this, it recommends that you use an air mattress.

Made with heavy-duty steel, the frame can hold up to 550 pounds. To support you, KingCamp utilized 1200D Oxford fabric, which is extra thick for higher durability.

In each corner of the cot are elastic bands to secure a queen-sized air mattress. This ensures that even during a wild night, the mattress isn’t likely to fall off the cot.

Another fantastic point is that it’s easy to transport. The cot folds down into a 45.5 by 11.5-inch package. KingCamp also includes a carry bag that features both two wheels and a handle. The bed weighs approximately 35.5 pounds, so it’s relatively light when compared to others.


  • Long and wide.
  • Durable fabric and frame.
  • Elastic bands to hold air mattress.
  • Relatively light and easy to transform.


  • Pungent smell puts buyers off.

Considerations for the Best Double Camping Cot

Ease and Speed of Setup

The gear you bring on your camping trip must be easy to use and assemble. You don’t always have several hours to get your bed ready, and a complicated model is a recipe for frustration. 

Sadly, though, not all two-person camping cots are easy to assemble. We highly recommend that you look for a foldable design where assembly is minimal. With these, everything is already intact, and all you do is unfold it. It may take you a couple of minutes.

An excellent idea is to test the cot at home before you leave. Open it up and familiarize yourself with how it works. Then, when you arrive at the campground, you’ll look like a pro, and you’ve saved yourself a lot of tears.


With camping cots, we usually see two materials for the frame—steel or aluminum. For single beds, which aren’t supposed to accommodate two adults, aluminum is fine. However, for double cots, it’s best to aim for steel.

Steel is incredibly durable— it’s over two times denser than aluminum. A good steel frame won’t bend or warp when under pressure, as aluminum might do. With that said, the biggest con is how heavy it is.

Manufacturers will usually tell you about the frame materials and how much weight they can bear. Keep in mind that, if you’re looking for a portable cot, be prepared that you might have to sacrifice strength for portability. If you’re backpacking, it’s not ideal to drag a heavy bed with you, so you may have to opt for aluminum.

For the cot material itself, most manufacturers use either polyester or nylon. There are several types, and some are more durable than others. For this, however, durability generally comes with a higher price tag.

Airbed Mattress or Not?

Not all dual camping cots are comfortable to sleep on since many include middle bars for extra strength. If you’re either too tall or short, they’ll poke you all night — not fun!

For those with that middle bar, it’s probably best to invest in a compatible air mattress, too. Some manufacturers, such as KingCamp, recommend that you use its cot with an air bed for extra comfort.

Other cots, for example, the Cam-O-Bunk model we’ve chosen as our number one, have a particular fabric. This conforms with your body as you lay down, creating an almost hammock-like bed, and they’re very comfortable to sleep in.

Still, whether you should use an airbed mattress or not is entirely up to you. You may want to consider how you’re traveling. If you’re going from spot to spot, it’s probably best to leave the mattress at home. But for recreational camping, the added softness and comfort are highly appreciated.

Cot Weight

The camping cot weight should reflect on how you’re traveling. If you’re going backpacking, the weight of the bed should be a top priority. Loading up more than you can carry is a set up for failure and a sore back.

For recreational camping, where you won’t move between campgrounds, the cot’s weight has less significance. Perhaps consider how far you’d have to transport it from the car to the tent. Fortunately, some of the heavier models come with a duffle bag with wheels to alleviate transportation problems.

Extra Features

Originally, camping cots were the bare minimum — the next best thing from a sleeping bag, keeping you off the ground. Nowadays, many include features and gadgets to make your experience a lot better.

It, again, depends on your vacation and what your needs are. Many cots include extra storage spaces, pull-out tables and cup holders. Some even transform into a tent, like the Tent Cot with Rain Fly Kamp-Rite.

Others will also allow you to alter their design. A great example is the Cam-O-Bunk with Organizers by Disc-O-Bed — the cot can transform into a bench and a bunk bed.

If you’re going to sleep in a tent, you can easily stick to the bare minimum and save some cash. However, if you’re going to sleep under the stars, consider something with additional features, like a compatible tent.


When it comes to size, focus on both the length and width.

Buying a cot that’s too short for you or your partner is extremely uncomfortable. Having your feet hang off the end and a metal frame poke you in the tendon isn’t ideal.

Most camping cots for two have a standard length of 79 inches. You may get lucky and find a longer one if needed.

For the width, it’s crucial that your shoulders aren’t broader than the frame. If so, the steel material will dig into your body, making you very uncomfortable. Furthermore, if you tend to move around while you sleep, you’re likely to fall out or push your cot-buddy over the edge.

Before you buy, measure yourself and then choose a few extra inches. For the width, it’s always an excellent strategy to go as wide as possible. Lastly, make sure you measure your tent — there’s no point in buying such a cot if it can’t fit in your accommodation.

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Weight Capacity

Surprisingly, some two-person cots have a very low weight limit. This isn’t good, especially when two grown adults are using it.

A higher weight capacity also means durable materials that are likely to last longer. With the weight limit, it doesn’t hurt going as high as possible. This way, you’re sure it can safely accommodate you and your partner.

Remember that a higher weight capacity likely means a heavier product — take this into account when considering maximum load for traveling.


Investing in the best double cot for camping is a fantastic idea for ensuring comfortable living while away from home.

The clear winner of today is the Cam-O-Bunk with Organizers by Disc-O-Bed — it’s outstanding, versatile and sturdy, with the versatility being a feature the competitors don’t match. It’s also suitable for both adults, couples, friends and families.

For the runner up, we chose the Coleman Camping Cot for its included airbed-style mattress. It has some handy extras but didn’t quite match up to the versatility of our top choice.

When looking for the best camping cot for two, aim for something that’s easy to set up and take down. One that consists of durable materials and has a high weight capacity is a good focal point. Then consider the size and whether you can go big or if you’re tight on space.

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