Best Camping In Washington

It is now the time to hit the trails, byways, and campgrounds across America.

However, you need to make sure you are going the right venues. Washington is one of the most underrated camping states in America, as people often prefer heading to locations that they think are easier to get to.

But, when you see what Washington has to offer it will change your mind, and you will come here time after time, and your children will continue in your footsteps with their children. You have towering mountains, dense forests, and the Pacific Ocean and all of its bounties is here waiting for you. Hundreds of bird watch sites, sanctuaries, and wildlife refuges contain more biodiversity than you ever imagined and it’s all affordable for a backpacker all the way up to those who want to camp but don’t want to pitch their own tent. You’ll find it all here in the 10 Magnificent Campgrounds of Washington.

Columbia River Gorge Campgrounds

Columbia River And Gorge

One thing that is wonderful about the National Parks system is that you get to relive what our frontier ancestors experienced when they were first exploring this great land and all it contains. The Lewis & Clark Expedition mapped out the Columbia River and the surrounding area. If you read the narratives and then see, the area in which you will be camping in you would expect to see canoes with both explorers and their interpreter Sacagawea and her son riding beside them.

However, along with all the history and grandeur, you can still find a good campsite at reasonable prices. Billed as one of the 7-Wonders of Washington you will long remember your stay here. It will cost you $15 a day at the Eagle Creek campground. Eagle Creek is just one of the 4 camping sites in the area that you can pitch your tent or park for up to two weeks of fun and frolic.

Takhlakh Lake Campground

Bridge at Takhlakh Lake

Situated near Mount Adams, you get to see the effects of the last Ice Age along with one of the largest glaciers within the Continental US.

However, if snow and ice are not your cup of tea, you can bask in the beautiful sunshine and the meadowed flower fields that surround the area amid ancient lava flows.‚Äč

National Geographic has this area on its Top-Ten list of must see and do places in Washington state.

You can hike and paddle the lake and just enjoy the sun as it reflects off the mountain at sunset. Prices for a visit vary at the more than 54 campsites. However, here you can reserve yours and get the price info you need.

Lake Wenatchee State Park

Lake Wenatchee WA

Situated near the Cascades Mountain Range, you have almost 3 miles of waterfront where you can enjoy water sports galore. Though the campgrounds are closed during the winter, you can still hike, ski, and snowmobile during winter’s cold.

The translation of the name of this lake means “Hidden Lake,” and you will want to keep it that way so you can enjoy it all for yourself. The camping spots are roomy and semi-private.

There are amenities to be had and even though you are far from the city. You still can have the creature comforts of life. Here you can reserve your spot and find out costs as well as more information. 

Lake Chelan State Park, North Cascades

Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is one of those timeless places where you make it a family tradition that says you visit this place for decades and your children continue doing so with their children as well.

The place is changeless and eternal. You come here for the beauty of the lake and the surrounding lands. Fishing, kayaking, and canoeing on the placid water and breathing the fresh air, untainted by pollution and car exhaust. People come here to get in touch with Mother Earth and remember that we are all part of the great “Web of Life.”

With the Cascade Mountains as a backdrop painters, photographers, and writers have the perfect canvas to work from. While campers and hikers have a rich environment to frolic, swim, and play in as well. Make your reservations here and check on pricing. 

Ohanapecosh, Mount Rainier National Park

Ohanapecosh river

Part of the Mount Rainer National Park, you have the ideal setting for your summer getaway. Nine rivers owe their existence to this mountain and the Ohanapecosh is one starting from a glacier melt on the eastern slope. Along its length, you can see waterfalls and beautiful pools filled with clear cool water. Here fish come to make their home and breed. It is a fisherman’s paradise if you are in the mood to do some Fly Fishing.

The numerous waterfalls climax with the silver falls being the last the river continues past the Ohanapecosh Hot Springs, the campgrounds and the Ranger Station/Service center. 

Reservations can be made online. The cost per day is reasonable at $20 a day without electrical hook up.

Spencer Spit State Park, Lopez Island, San Juan Islands

Spencer Spit trail and state park

As you can see from the slide show at the website you have found the perfect place to go Kayaking, crabbing, and clamming. You are in the middle of a 200-acre marine park where you get salt tang in the air blowing in off the ocean. Situated on the Strait of Juan de Fuca where to the North beckons Canada, British Columbia, and Vancouver and through its center is the American-Canadian border.

You can indulge in swimming, saltwater fishing, and boating as well. Take your catch in along with those tasty crustaceans you have caught and at one of 3 picnic shelters use the BBQ pit to make a delicious dinner from the ocean’s bounty. Rates are “right on” with the other National Parks. 

Willaby on Lake Quinault, SW Olympic Peninsula

Lake Quinault

Part of the Olympic National Park this campground is located on the south side of Lake Quinault. It is centered inside a Rain Forest like setting, filled with Cedar, Hemlock, Spruce, and Douglas Fir. Within the 19 separate camping areas, you will find facilities for not only tents but Recreation Vehicles and even walk-in campers as well.

Rates are $25 a night, and if you have a second vehicle, you need to pay an extra surcharge of $7. They only limit the number of RVs to 16. You can reserve your spot year round at

Here and nearby there is hunting fishing, and Hiking along with a variety of water activities including horseback riding, biking, picnicking, and a plethora of other outdoor related activities.

Winthrop, North Cascades National Park


The people at Kampgrounds of America (KOA) have some of the choicest camping venues across the country. Winthrop in the Northern Cascades is one such choice spot to pitch your tent, park your trailer or RV. They even have cabins to rent if you choose to go minimalist. Here in an old Mining town, you can hike, camp, and even take Hot Air Balloon rides over the area to take in all the splendor of the region. It is still an active gem mining area and who knows you might strike it rich while you are here. All the Amenities are here, and they run a shuttle bus into the nearby town as well. There is a heated pool. Never has the Old West been so hospitable. 50 Amp hookups are available. There is even a convenient snack bar in case you are tired of campfire cooking.

Their rates are reasonable, and by calling 800-562-2158, you can get the current rates and see about any specials and when they expire.

Pampered Campgrounds of Millersylvania State Park

Pampered Wilderness campground

Some prefer to camp out in style and want to be pampered as well. Nestled within the 842-acre Millersylvania Park you don’t need to bring a tent or RV. Here you have an exotic Safari-Style tent with all the trimmings waiting. There is a multitude of styles you can choose from like a Rustic Cabin to a Cozy Cottage. Each of the 6 styles of tent cabins has their own unique ambiance and amenities.

From your front deck with a wine glass in hand, you can look out over an old growth forest   and inhale fresh air which isn’t polluted or adulterated with fumes and noxious odors. You have 3,000 of shoreline to fish from, walk with a special someone and experience camping like you never dreamed of. Here is what you can expect to see. You see things like a Wolf Sanctuary, miles of trails, a winery, cafe with prime rib, and arts, crafts, and Apple cider and fresh produce. All this is courtesy of the local populace, which wants your stay to be memorial and enjoyable.

It is a tad expensive at $244.50 a night, but it is a once in a lifetime camping experience, not to be missed. This should be high up on your “Bucket List” of things you need to do before you pass into the next life.

Kalaloch, Olympic National Park

Cedar Creek Abbey Island Ruby Beach

Located in a place called “a good place to land” of which the word “Kalaloch” means, it is a place made for the camping enthusiast.

With 73 miles of coastline that include a marine sanctuary and a 3 natural wildlife refuges as well. Crabs and shellfish abound along with Birders flocking here to see their feathered friends. You can swim if you dare. However, there are riptides and logs tend to appear without warning, which makes it something for only the hardy. There is the Hoh Rain Forest and the grandeur of the Olympic National Park itself. The rates vary between $22 and $44 depending on your choice of camping venue. Then all the wonders of nature are here for you to enjoy.

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