The Best Camping Cooler For 2024

Have you ever gone camping? If you have, you know that a cooler is a very important item to have. Not only will it keep your drinks and water cool, it will also help to prevent perishable foods from going bad. It really is just a simpler version of a refrigerator.

Whenever I go camping, apart from my tent or sleeping bag, my cooler is the most important thing that I bring. Why? Over time I have learned that having fresh food and cool drinks helps to make the camping experience much more comfortable. If you have never been camping before but you will be going soon, don’t forget to bring your cooler with you. Don’t have one? No problem. It’s not very difficult to select the one that is best for your camping needs. With so many amazing features on coolers nowadays, I am sure that you will find it quite useful to have some insight as to the features that are essential in a camping cooler.

How to choose the right camping cooler for your next trip

When you are looking for a camping cooler, there are 4 very important features that you should look for.


Security refers to the ability of the cooler to be locked.

The material

Soft camping coolers tend to be the cheapest. Plastic or metal coolers offer a higher level of durability but usually are more expensive.

In this article, we’re going to review the following coolers for camping:

Top 5 Coolers For Camping

If you are looking for a camping cooler because you will be out for a few days before heading back home, this is probably the perfect cooler for you. The RTIC Cooler 20 is robust and solidly constructed. It boasts a seamless roto-molded construction, which is classed as virtually impossible to destruct. The cooler can hold up to 20 quarts or 24 cans including ice, and although it is large, it is not very heavy. Even when it is full, you can easily lift it with the handle that comes attached to it. The cooler is able to keep ice for up to 10 days. It comes in either white or tan.

One other feature that you will find handy with this item is the integrated locking system. You don’t have to worry about items falling out as you move it from one place to the other, and if you are out camping, animals won’t be able to get inside. But you still can open and close it with ease, as it has heavy-duty rubber T-latches.

If you have never heard of RTIC coolers, you should get acquainted with the brand as this is one of the many amazing products that this brand has to offer. Based on all the features that are in this cooler, it is certainly the best handheld camping cooler.

As the name suggests, this cooler is made from soft material and is well insulated to keep ice for up to 5 days with this camping cooler. One of the key benefits of the RTIC 20 Soft Pack is that it is very lightweight, making it ideal for those that don’t want to be lugging heavy coolers around.

It is ideal for a single person since it may not be able to hold enough drinks or food for 2 persons.

With a blue interior and grey exterior, this cooler is nicely designed. It has a strap attached so you can wear it to free your hands; of course, you can also carry it with your hand if you so desire. Take advantage of the exterior pockets on this soft cooler so you can maximize the number of things you place inside.

The downside of having a soft pack cooler such as this is that it does not offer the same level of protection as a hard case cooler. This means that there is a higher risk of the contents getting damaged. On the upside, the smaller size and flexibility of the product means that it will fit nicely into smaller spaces.

This camping cooler comes with a range of great features along with an impressive size. You can fit up to 204 cans into the cooler, which means that it is perfect for longer trips and camping excursions. Even at temperatures of 90°, it can keep ice for up to 6 days. The cooler utilizes special technology to provide extra insulation for additional ice retention.

The Coleman cooler is very sturdy in terms of its design and build. It is made from UVGuard materials, which means that it is protected from the damaging UV rays of the sun. It also comes with a leak-resistant channel drain, comfort-grip handles, and a lid-seat that can support up to 250 lbs. There are 4 cup holders integrated into the lid along with rust-resistant hardware. The cooler uses eco-friendly insulation and is quick and simple to clean.

The cooler is able to keep ice for up to 10 days, so if you are taking a longer trip it is ideal. With a capacity of up to 65 quarts, this cooler is definitely suitable for long trips.

This cooler comes with a number of features, one of which is the integrated locking system. This helps to keep the contents of the cooler safe and protected. In addition, the cooler has heavy-duty rubber T-latches, which provide an easy opening and closing mechanism.

The cooler can hold up to 64 cans, but despite its size 19” x 19” x 31.5”, it can still be carried by one person.

YETI makes a range of high-quality camping coolers, one of which is the YETI Roadie 20 Cooler. This cooler is compact and highly portable with 20-quart capacity and room for up to 14 cans. You will benefit from T-Rex Lid Latches, which are made from heavy-duty rubber. The technology used with the latches means that they are designed not to break.

This cooler comes with sturdy roto-molded construction, which makes it virtually impossible to destroy and suitable for all sorts of environments. When it is empty, it weighs 15 pounds, which is a bit heavy but still be transported by one person.

You will pay a little more for this cooler than the average standard cooler, but you do benefit from the high quality. This is a cooler that is designed to stand the test of time, so if you go camping on a regular basis, it is ideal. Its durability means that you won’t have to worry about having to invest in a replacement cooler, which will enable you to save money over time.

Final Verdict

With all these amazing products, it is a bit difficult to determine which one is the best. However, there is one cooler that seems to offer a little bit more than the others. Not only is it the most inexpensive cooler, but it has two unique features that no other cooler has. It can be used as a seat and it has 4 cup holders on the top of the lid. If you haven’t figured out which cooler it is, it is the Coleman 120 Quart Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Cooler. For the price, this cooler seems to have a lot to offer. It checks all the boxes when it comes to features that you should look for in a cooler and then some. This includes its integrated UV protection, which will reduce the risk of sun damage to the cooler.

Although it is not a high-end product, it definitely seems like it can measure up to many of the high-end features that more expensive coolers have. You should be able to enjoy many camping trips with the cooler since it has such a durable construction. The only downside of this cooler is that its larger size may make transportation more difficult. However, if you are traveling in a vehicle, this shouldn’t be an issue at all.

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