The Best Camping Chair for Your Bad Back

Camping can be a revitalizing adventure, but with a bad back, you might not be able to enjoy it fully. The last thing you want when you’re in the great outdoors is constant discomfort.

The best camping chair for bad back can help put you at ease and our top choice is the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger Chair. We’ve collected eight others for you to scope out and there’s a little something for everyone.

In this article, we’re going to review the following camping chairs for bad back:

Product Reviews

We’ve pulled together hours of careful research to bring you a list of the best camping chairs for bad back:

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger Chair
Weight capacity: 350 poundsMaterials:  Polyester

Timber Ridge brings us a zero-gravity camping chair that offers several recline positions to help you get cozy. It can hold up to 350 pounds, as well, so regardless of your size, you should find a suitable reclining option. These positions lock into place with an easy-to-use lever, so the chair shouldn’t pop out of place and surprise you.

The sturdy, steel tube framing supports the polyester seat with ease. Do make sure that you protect it from the harsh sun or any rainstorms, though. On the upside, the non-slip markings along the bottom of the frame make sure it stays in place.

This chair’s seating is fully padded for comfort, including a pillow for your head and extra lumbar cushioning for your back that’s removable. The wooden armrests compliment the overall design and there’s a mug holder for convenience.

You get four colors to choose from including camouflage, earth, blue and navy.


  • High weight capacity.
  • Bungee design for flexibility.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Plenty of cushioning.
  • Non-slip feet.


  • Avoid harsh sun or rain.
STRONGBACK Elite Camping Lawn Lounge Chair
Weight capacity: 300 poundsMaterials: 600D polyester

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, this award-winning chair could fit the bill. It’s created specifically for this issue and made to align your posture in the process. This will help keep you upright and feeling at ease.

The chair can be transported hands-free, thanks to the carry bag that comes with dual shoulder straps.

It features a heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric that’s thick and resistant to wearing and tearing. There are mesh insertions along the back and seated portion that’ll come in handy in hot weather when you want some ventilation.

Its frame is black and made from a powder-coated durable steel material that’ll hold up against rust and decay over time.

There are steel armrests with comfortable covers and a cup holder to boot. The no-sink feet will stop the chair from dropping down into the soft ground. These little extras can make a difference when you’re roughing it.

Do make sure that you try this chair out before taking it camping. Various consumers report that the frame failed after one or two uses.


  • High-quality polyester.
  • Carry bag with shoulder straps.
  • Award-winning.
  • No-sink feet.


  • Customers report that the frame’s welding is poor.
Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair
Weight capacity: 300 poundsMaterials: Textilene

This camping chair is a highly-popular option, oversized by design at around 5.3-inches wider than most available on the market. Choose from a pretty burgundy color or beige, among other options.

The company uses a high-quality Textilene fabric that contains a mix of polyester and PVC. You’ll often see it used for garden furniture and this indicates it’s made to withstand a variety of conditions. A bungee system supports the seating area, offering some give when you’re lounging.

A durable powder-coated steel frame is plenty strong enough, according to the company. This might be in question, though, as some unhappy customers said the chair collapses in a moment’s notice.

The recline options are easy to click into place with the locking mechanism. One of the best things is that you can lean all the way back, elevating your feet. This helps relieve any pressure after a long day on your feet.

You can also adjust the headrest to your preferred position by sliding it up or down. Unfortunately, this is about as fancy as it comes with this chair. There’s no cup holder, arm covers or carry bag to our knowledge.


  • Long-lasting fabric.
  • Folds down to a mere 6.3 inches.
  • Locking system for recline.
  • Adjustable headrest.


  • No extras like mug holders.
  • Frame durability is questionable.
KingCamp Camping Chair
Weight capacity: 350 poundsMaterials: Oxford fabric

This typically looking camping chair has that slouchy, sink-in style and can support up to around 350 pounds in weight.

The company claims there’s added lumbar support, but it looks to be on the meager side, compared to some others on our list. This indicates you’ll have to use a bit more of your own power in keeping yourself upright.

Among other commendable features is a cooling pocket that holds up to three cans of your preferred beverage. Another side storage unit is large enough for a few magazines and there’s also space behind the head area to keep things, as well.

If you like having all your goodies within arm’s reach, this chair could make you happy in that regard.

Similar to some other models, the materials include a heavy-duty polyester fabric and steel tube frame. It’s also lightweight and foldable, weighing in at 11.3 pounds and comes with a carry bag that features shoulder straps.


  • Simple to fold and store.
  • Padded armrests.
  • High weight capacity.
  • Cooler bag and stash pocket.


  • Lacking head and neck support.
AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair
Weight capacity: 300 poundsMaterials: Textilene

AmazonBasics brings us a zero-gravity outdoor chair with a double-bungee support system that lines the seated area. This helps remove any pressure while you’re suspended and reclined, offering a weightless experience. A padded headrest and contoured armrests provide comfort.

It’s made from that Textilene fabric that should hold up over time, whether in rainy conditions or on super sunny days.

The powder-coated steel frame is said to add to the overall durability of this chair, but like some of the others, users disagree. Yet again, there are reviews of this portion breaking after a few uses and sending the person to the ground. On the other hand, others have had a positive experience with it, so it may not be doom and gloom.

Do keep in mind that there’s a limited one-year warranty included. If something does happen, contact the company right away. Make sure to keep your paperwork on-hand and don’t procrastinate.

Color options include navy, beige, blue and burgundy.


  • Padded headrest and contoured arms.
  • Weather-resistant fabric.
  • Double-bungee system.
  • One-year warranty.


  • The frame may break easily.
Marchway Lightweight High Back Camping Chair
Weight capacity:  300 poundsMaterials:  1000D polyester

This is one of the lightest chairs on our list, coming in at 3.7 pounds. That doesn’t make it poor quality though, as it features one of the thickest materials. The 1000D ripstop polyester will hold up in the rough outdoors and shouldn’t get caught up on anything.

There’s a breathable mesh fabric throughout to help dispel any heat in the summer months, so you won’t be stuck to your chair when it’s time to stand up.

To enjoy it in nature, though, you’ll have to assemble it each time you arrive to your destination because it isn’t foldable. The components will fit into a backpack, though, so it shouldn’t be too big of a nuisance to carry along.

An aluminum alloy frame comes constructed from an aircraft-grade material, making it sturdier and more reliable than other options out there.

Do keep in mind that it’s not adjustable, either. What you see is what you get and it’ll be suitable for the taller folks among us, with its high backrest. There’s a sponge sleeve along the head portion and lumbar area for extra support.

Abrasion-resistant, anti-slip feet should hold this camping chair firmly in place, regardless of the ground below.


  • High back portion.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Cushioning at head and lumbar.
  • Ripstop 1000D polyester.


  • Assembly required for every use.
  • Not adjustable.
Core Equipment Folding Camping Chair
Weight capacity: 300 poundsMaterials: 600D polyester

The quilted and cozy nature of this chair says “comfort” upon first looks, thanks to the 600D brushed polyester that the company labels as “soft touch.” This feeling is what you want when you’re taking a break in the middle of your active day outdoors.

Extras include an oversized cup holder and storage pocket for your essentials that you may require when relaxing. Prop yourself up on the padded armrests, the chair will help you sit upright. Unfortunately, there are no recline options.

Another downside here is that some reviewers claim this chair gets overly hot. There’s no mesh involved in the design and it may be a better option for the colder months.

It comes with a carry bag, fashioned with straps and the chair weighs in at 12 pounds.


  • Quilted, comfortable material.
  • Oversized cup holder.
  • Carry bag with straps.
  • Gear pocket.


  • Material isn’t breathable.
Timber Ridge TRFCH011LA Camping Chair
Weight capacity: 300 poundsMaterials: 600D polyester

The company constructed the frame from heavy-duty steel and the “duck legs” are connected along the front, providing added stability. They’re also adjustable in height, so a variety of users can find their sweet spot here.

You do have the option to recline, but some customers found this feature wasn’t enough to help ease back pain. We recommend that you try it out upon purchasing to make sure it’ll be comfortable for you.

It’s fully padded throughout with a 600D polyester, accompanied by contoured plastic armrests. Don’t expect additional features because there’s no headrest or storage pockets.

There’s a one-year warranty against any defects. This gives peace of mind in case something creeps up during that time.


  • Strong frame and footing.
  • Spacious seat.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Fully padded.


  • Some found it’s not sufficient for easing back pain.
  • No additional features.
AmazonBasics Padded Zero Gravity Chair
Weight capacity:  350 poundsMaterials: Oxford fabric

This AmazonBasics chair is quite similar in design to the other option, but this time it comes fully padded for extra comfort. Do be aware that there’s no mesh included, so it could quite warm in the summertime.

Another downside to the additional padding is that it adds to the weight of the chair. This one comes in at a whopping 21.8 pounds, making it the heaviest option on our list. It does, however, fold down to a compact size.

You get the additional features like a cup holder and padded headrest. The contoured armrests aren’t padded and some might find that annoying. An oxford cotton fabric comes in attractive designs, all striped, with different colors available.

The base is made from durable steel and larger individuals have noted that it holds them quite well. You’ll be able to relax with ease when it’s time to prop your feet up, given the recline options.


  • Padding throughout.
  • Zero gravity system.
  • One-year limited warranty.
  • High weight capacity.


  • Large and weighty.

Buyer’s Guide

timothy dykes 6YDQA DpZco unsplash

Finding the best camping chair for your bad back entails focusing on the specifications that matter most to you. That could be recline options or extra lumbar support, among other features.

We want to help you get the most out of your purchase, so why don’t we look at what these chairs have to offer:

Chair Types

two pink and gray camping chairs 2662816

By now, you already know that there are many types of chairs out there from simple designs to more luxurious options:


If you’re working with a limited budget, you can find affordable chairs that are still comfortable to use. Maybe the cost isn’t so important and you’re just a straightforward kind of person.

Basic chairs will offer an upright position, possibly with some extra padding around the head area and be easy to fold.

Two great options here include the Marchway chair and the Core Equipment. The former comes with a high back and mesh included for ventilation. The latter features a quilted seat for comfort. Both are easy to store and lightweight.


You may want to take it up a notch and go for something with recline options. This presents a variety of positions, depending on your needs at the time. They may come with additional features such as a mug holder or a padded head or back area.

The Caravan Zero Gravity caters to those who want the bungee design. This allows you to feel suspended and you have recline options to boot. There’s additional support at the head and lumbar, too.


Are you looking to go all-out for your camping experience? Finding a chair that features high-quality specifications is possible. Not only will you want plenty of support, but you could be on the lookout for extra bells and whistles, too.

Our top choice would be suitable for those craving luxury. It features the zero-gravity design with ample padding and cushioning. This includes lumbar support and a removable, padded headrest. The recline positions lock into place safely.

Bad Back

Studies show that almost 80 percent of adults suffer from back pain. This is due to poor posture, minimal core strength and desk jobs, among other issues.

There are two main components you’ll want to keep an eye for when it comes to the camping chair for your bad back:

Lumbar Support

The lumbar region is what’s referred to as the lower back. Any injury or pain in this area can affect the muscles, nerves, or the discs. This is why camping chairs for bad backs often add extra cushioning in this area.

The Strongback Elite chair is just one example of this.


Extra padding leaves you feeling better supported and comfortable. A good option for this includes the AmazonBasics Padded option, as it offers padding throughout the entire chair portion.

Armrest and Footrest

Most camping chairs feature your basic plastic armrests, while some are contoured in design and others offer padding. If the latter is important to you, opt for something like the KingCamp.

Not all chairs feature actual footrests, but all of the zero-gravity options do have space for calves and footsies. Our top choice, the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity, would fit the bill.

Weight and Capacity

One thing about venturing into the great outdoors is that you’ll always have a significant load to carry. This is why many opt for a lightweight camping chair. The Marchway weighs just 3.7 pounds.

Depending on your size and those traveling in your group, you may want a chair that can hold a significant amount of weight. All the chairs on our list range between 200 and 350 pounds, while the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity fits the latter capacity.

Material and Durability

The last thing you want is your chair falling apart on you. As you can see from our reviews, this problem mainly occurs with the framing. Opt for a frame with positive feedback, as even the most durable materials may not hold up under weight.

Are you looking for a fabric that’ll last? Many on our list have durable seat materials that are suitable for life outdoors. This includes a high denier count polyester, such as 600D or 1000D.

Another great material is Textilene fabric. You’ll find this on both the Caravan chair and the AmazonBasics non-padded variety.


Most chairs are limited to one or two years maximum and will cover any defaults in material or design.

Overall Comfort

This will depend on personal preference, your size and more. Are you on the taller side and do you have trouble finding chairs because of it? Opt for one with a higher back, such as the Marchway.

If cushioning is more what you’re looking for, something like the Core Equipment chair could serve you well with its filled-quilt padding throughout.

Shade Coverage

Some camping chairs come with this option to shield you from the sun. Often, it’s available for purchase separately. To our knowledge, none of the chairs on our list offer this feature.

Protect Your Back

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The best camping chair for your bad back will offer you enough support and comfort to enjoy your time in the great outdoors, unphased by your condition.

Most chairs on our list have a variety of features worth raving about from the head and lumbar support to their packability.

If we had to choose a top favorite, though, the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger Chair steals it for the win. We have a knack for the suspended design and putting our feet up. There are recline options that lock in place and extra support at the back and head. The 350-pound capacity and an array of color options don’t hurt, either.

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