Best 14 Person Tent For Extra Large Groups and Families

If you’re in a rush because you’ve got something planned, our top choice goes to the Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Tent.

We’re constantly being told it’s good to be outdoors as much as possible, both for our mental and physical health. Camping out as part of a larger group is always going to be more fun than on your own. To make the experience a positive one, it helps if you’ve got the best 14-person tent.

In this article, we’re going to review the following 14 person tents:

14 Person Tent Reviews

We’ve done all the legwork so you can get on with planning the rest of your group vacation. This well-researched list of the best 14 person camping tents is as follows:

Materials:  Polyester, polyethylene, fiberglass, steelWeight:  47.4 lbs

If you’re looking for a 14-person camping tent with a shared space, this tent from Ozark will feel like home. Ozark designed the tent in the shape of a plus-sign, and it takes up a massive 20 by 20-foot plot.

A common area in the center of the shape is surrounded on all four sides by separate rooms, each with their own entrance. These rooms also have two windows each, for improved visibility and ventilation.

There is, however, a minor flaw to this layout. It means you have to go through one of the sleeping areas from the shared area in the middle to get outside. One way to get around this issue is to use three of the rooms and keep the double-doored room as a spacious entryway.

Other features that get this tent to the top of our list include mesh storage pockets in each room, an E-port for easy extension cord access, and a media pocket, gear loft, and two gear hammocks.

You might think a tent of this size would take a lot of putting up, but the consensus is that it takes two people just 20 minutes. This might be because the pole elbows come pre-attached, so there’s no hunting around for various parts.

To provide stability during windy conditions, guy ropes act as additional stake down points. That being said, a few customers have mentioned that this tent isn’t overly stable during bad weather.


  • Extra-roomy with four separate rooms.
  • Four separate entrances.
  • Covered inside area for eating.
  • Easy to put up.


  • Doesn’t fare well in bad weather.
Materials:  Polyethylene, polyester, steel, fiberglassWeight:  37.9 lbs

From the outside, this group tent from Tahoe Gear doesn’t look like it’ll fit 14 people. The floor space is smaller than the tent we’ve placed at number one, but the dimensions of 20 by 17 feet still allow ample room for up to 14 persons. There are only three rooms, but each has its own window.

The design of the tent is a T-shape, with two rooms either side of the double-door entrance and one extra room opposite.

This is another tent that’s quick to set up thanks to the easy-assemble shock cord poles. A factory-sealed rainfly has to be added over the top for additional waterproofing.

Tents made from polyester are great for both warm or cool weather. There’s no reason to restrict your outings to just a few short months of the year with this material.

If your group is comprised mainly of adults, you’re bound to appreciate the extra headroom in the center of the tent. The 6-foot center height means that most adults can enter the tent without stooping.

There are a few extra features that come with this 14-person camping tent, notably a welcome mat where the group can leave their soiled shoes, interior mesh pockets for valuables, windows that zip shut, and power slip.


  • Generous 6-foot center height.
  • Good water-resistance.
  • Added welcome mat.
  • Detachable room divider for privacy.
  • Excellent waterproofing.


  • Small floor space.
Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season 14-Person Cabin Tent
Materials:  Polyester, steel, fiberglassWeight:  62.4 lbs

You can say a lot of good things about this tent from Tahoe Gear. Like the Tahoe Manitoba, it’s well-made and reasonably priced, but there’s even more. If you want the best 14-person tent on a budget, you can’t go far wrong with this one.

The design has three inner rooms that lead off the front entrance and screen room, and each has its own door to the screen room and the central space. The central space doubles-up as a living room and has a very generous height of around 94 inches.

The screen room at the front is also around 94 inches, but unfortunately, there are no panels to this area, apart from a fly.

Construction materials include polyester with taped seams to keep the weather at bay. The vertical poles are made using powder-coated steel, and the roof poles are shock-corded fiberglass. Not only will this make the tent last longer, but the corded poles make assembly much quicker.

What knocked this tent from the top of the list is that it’s very complicated to put up. The assembly instructions aren’t very informative, and many of the poles aren’t clearly marked. All that aside, once you’ve put it up a couple of times, it gets much easier.

Additional features include a tent trolley carry bag, power slip near the door, large zip windows, and solar shield to reflect sunlight and keep the tent cool.


  • Three separate rooms with their own access.
  • Covered entrance.
  • 7-foot center height.
  • Solar shield to reflect sunlight.


  • Complicated to set up.
Fortunershop Family 14-Person Cabin Tent
Materials:  Polythene, polyester, steel, fiberglassWeight:  53.7 lbs

This is the best 14-person tent from Fortunershop. It’s made in onto our list thanks to the cool and funky design. Four doors provide a separate entry and exit to each room, and there are 12 windows for excellent visibility.

The taped seams provide excellent protection from the wet weather. You won’t have to worry about waking up in a damp sleeping bag or your gear getting wet.

The floor size is more than ample for 14 people, coming in at 20 by 20 feet. The center height is 78 inches, which means adults don’t have to spend all day crouching down. The central area also has a mesh room so you can enjoy your evenings together gazing at the stars.

Up to five queen air mattresses can fit comfortably into the three rooms, but you can also use it as one big room by tying back the dividers.

For easy access to an extension cord, there’s an E-port. Each room contains two pockets, so you can keep your possessions safe. There’s also a handy drinks holder.


  • Up to four separate rooms.
  • Separate exit and entry doors.
  • Generous floor size.
  • Quick setup time.


  • Heavy.
Ozark Trail Spring Lodge 14-Person Cabin Camping Tent
Materials:  polyester, steelWeight:  44.95 lbs

If it’s a reasonably priced tent you’re looking for, then the Spring Lodge Cabin tent fits the bill. When it comes to budget tents, it’s surprisingly spacious. There might only be two rooms, but there’s the option of turning the screen room into an additional sleeping area.

For superior weather protection, the rainfly is seam-taped, but you can also roll it back to keep cool on hot summer nights.

One nice addition that seems to be a common feature with Ozark tents is the mud mat. There’s nothing worse than having nowhere to put your muddy shoes before heading indoors for the night.

The cabins each have divider curtains for privacy and multiple pockets for storage. To allow for extra room, there are two separate storage closets. This means you don’t have to clog up the sleeping areas with your larger gear.

Additional features include a slot to support the majority of electronic devices and a port to fit a power cable into the tent.


  • Fully floored screen room.
  • Two storage closets.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Screened-in porch.


  • Only two sleeping rooms.

What to Look For When Buying a 14-Person Tent

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Camping as a group can get very stressful if there’s not enough room. Space is one of the most crucial elements when choosing a 14 man tent, but there’s much more to it than that.

The main factors to take into account when choosing your 14-man tent are:

  • Ease of setup.
  • Comfort features.
  • Gear features.
  • Materials.
  • Climate and seasons.

Ease of Setup

Pitching a tent that’s big enough to house up to 14 persons won’t be easy. We’d be lying if we said it is. All that aside, most of the manufacturers in our list have done everything they can to make it easier.

Color-coded poles, lightweight components, assembly systems that are simple and shock-corded poles all help reduce the time it takes. Our number one tent, the Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Tent, takes things one step further by including pre-attached pole elbows. If you’ve ever been camping before, you know how frustrating it can be to search around for the right parts.

There is a small downside to ease of construction, and that’s the additional bulk some of these easy systems take up.

Freestanding or Not

A common feature of many modern tents is that you can pick them up off the ground and move them. There’s no need to take them down and put them up in a new location. Specially designed tent poles are used to hold up the tent, and tent stakes aren’t a requirement.

The tents on our list are all freestanding, although they might not be as easy to move as a much smaller tent.

Comfort Features

There’s no reason you should rough it just because you’re camping. A few creature comforts can make any tent feel luxurious. The Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin tent is by far the roomiest, but the Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season tent comes a close second thanks to the 7 feet of headspace.


Multiple rooms are an obvious advantage of this type of tent; some even include cabinets and separate communal areas. There’s only one our list lacking in space, and that’s the Tahoe Gear Manitoba Family Outdoor Camping Tent.

It’s worth pointing out that manufacturers base a 14-person capacity on the number of sleeping pads that can be placed on the floor. Don’t expect to house 14 people sleeping on airbeds.


A tent can’t have too many entrances, as long as you can securely zip them up. It’s also a good idea for entering and exiting not to interfere with other resident’s comfort.

This is one small downside of our number one tent, the Ozark Trail Base Camp model. If you make use of all four rooms and the communal area, you have to go through one of the rooms to get out.


Having numerous windows means more ventilation and light. Make sure the windows also protect from the elements with mesh plus zippered panels.

Gear Features and Storage

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If you take lots of camping gear with you, it’s useful if there’s somewhere you can store it. While these group tents are spacious, keeping all the gear in your sleeping quarters isn’t ideal.

The Ozark Trail Spring Lodge Cabin Camping Tent has two storage closets, a screened-in porch and fully floored screen room. That should be plenty of space for any gear you’ve brought with you.

Keep in mind that a 14-man tent can still suit a smaller sized party. In fact, in this instance, you can use the extra sleeping areas to store your gear.


With so many people using the tent, you want the construction to be of the highest durability and to withstand the elements.


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For the best possible waterproofness, you need a tent with a thick floor and wall material, waterproof material and strong stitching in the seams. These will help your tent last a long time and be water-resistant.

The best materials for waterproofness include polyester and polyethylene. Neither of these synthetic materials need a special waterproof coating.


To help keep the tent in good condition, reinforced floors, zippered doors and large windows, and the use of high-durability materials is essential. Cotton and canvas are the best materials for durability, but they tend to be very heavy.

Most modern tents are manufactured using polyester or nylon. To improve their water resistance, you’ll often find coatings such as acrylic, polyurethane, or silicone.

Climate and Seasons

Tents of this kind are generally designed to be used during two or three seasons. Camping out in the depths of winter is not what they’re designed for. The height of the summer might also be ruled out unless your tent has a solar shield to reflect the sunlight, as the Tahoe Gear Carson model has.

Benefits of a 14 Person Tent

The most obvious benefit of a tent of such proportions has to be the size. Aside from this, there are several other advantages to choosing a tent with such capacity:

  • Gear space.
  • Elbow room.
  • Height.
  • Extra features.

Space for Gear

A 14-man tent has enough space to fit all a large family or a group of friends. Not only that, there’s typically space to stow any gear you might bring along.

A Little Elbow Room

14 people sharing one space might feel claustrophobic if it wasn’t for the extra elbow room afforded with a tent of this magnitude. The Ozark Trail Base, Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season, and the Fortunershop Family Cabin tent all have an additional communal or screen room for extra space.


If your group mainly consists of kids, then head height might not be a concern. On the flip side, if your group is made up of mostly adults, extra headroom would be appreciated. The tent with the most headroom is the Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season option — 7 feet should be enough for anyone.

Extra Features

Additional features that make camping a little easier include E-ports, so you can use power cords for lamps, chargers and other electronic devices. Mesh pockets come in very handy for keeping small things safe.

Screened rooms are also a good addition. They can be great places to relax undercover, as well as being used for extra storage or an area for a dog bed.

A Quick Round-Up

The best 14-person tent is the one that includes plenty of space, ample headroom, four rooms and a communal space, and plenty of large windows for ventilation and light.

The Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Tent ticks all these boxes. Its construction is also of a high quality. The plus-sign design means that are four rooms with one communal area in the middle, and it provides 235 square feet of living space. There’s also a media pocket, gear loft, and two gear hammocks for any gadgets you care to bring along.

Coming in a close second is the Tahoe Gear Manitoba Family Outdoor Camping Tent, although some might consider it on the small side. There are, after all, fewer rooms than with our number one choice. That being said, there is a generous 6.5-foot center height, making it easy for you to move around inside. 

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