The Best Backpacking Saw in 2024

If you’re a lover of the wilderness then you must be looking for the finest gear. The best backpacking saw we can recommend is the Bahco Laplander Folding saw.

In this article, you’ll know what to choose, how to choose, and the best backpacking saws we recommend. 

Top Backpacking Saw Reviews

This is a Japanese style backpacking saw. It’s sharp and has a curved blade that makes clean cuts.

The blade on this saw can cut up to 8 inches thick branches. It’s thick and thin at the same time. We say it’s thick because it can survive cutting hardwood easily, but that doesn’t stop it from cutting through green and wet plants as well. So it’s safe to say that it’s very versatile.

Although this backpack saw is powerful, it’s still limited to only pruning wood.

The sheath has bad quality plastic. If competing with the sharp razor teeth of the blade, the sheath will be ruined very quickly.


  • Razor-sharp blade
  • Curved handle
  • Pistol style grip
  • 100% refund


  • Cuts only wood
  • Weak plastic sheath 

If you’re looking to cut through very large pieces of wood, you may want to consider buying this backpack saw. It’s good for both camping and yard work.

This backpack saw is 11 inches long with 7 inches staggered TPI so it can cut through different materials. It can be used on hardwood, softwood, plastic, and even bone. As a result, you can use it for building shelter, hunting, or just clearing a path.

It’s also equipped with a rubber-coated handle that allows for a firm grip even on rainy days. The handle is comfortable for small and large hands.

The saw is heavier than an average backpacking saw. Keep that in mind when planning for space and weight of your bag


  • 11 inches long blade
  • Staggered teeth
  • SK5 steel blade


  • Heavier due to size (14.9 ounces)
  • May need tightening the hinge before use

This blade is labeled the “wild enthusiasts saw”. It comes with a leather strap and an attractive design.

This saw can handle anything because of its 7 TPI. This blade is coated to avoid rusting and any friction that may be caused by the push and pull motion.

The Bahco Laplander blade is equipped with a lock for safety. It also comes with a set of spare blades.

Some people may even say that the handle on this saw is too small for a tight grip. So if your hands are huge, you may consider going for a larger saw instead.


  • Rust protected blade
  • Safety lock
  • Spare blades available
  • Light (7 ounces)


  • Short handle
  • Small for large wood

This is a whole different type of saw. Instead of going with a folded blade, you can choose a chainsaw to pack for your journey. There is no set rule about what kind of saw you should pack in your bag. So feel free to experiment.

This product is manufactured by a very well-known brand. It has good quality and can tear through almost anything. The length of the chain makes for longer and faster strokes to be possible. If you’re cutting faster, you’ll spend less time and energy on getting the results you desire.

The chain is also made of carbon heated steel making it strong and durable. If you’re thinking that this chainsaw is pricey, you should know that you’re investing your money in a lifelong product. Be sure that this chainsaw will never break or even rust.

Besides, it comes packaged in a storage pouch along with a belt loop. This makes packing it very easy and safe. We believe that a pouch is safer for sharp teeth than just a normal lock that may or may not work sometimes.

A good gesture that this brand provides for its customers is that it offers a free gift if you buy this chainsaw. You’ll receive a free magnesium fire starter that you can use to stay warm in the winter cold or just to make some food.

Some of the issues that you may notice if you buy this backpack chainsaw are the fact that you may not need it as much as you think. So before you make your purchase, make sure you really need to cut trees, or you enjoy the experience of using a chainsaw. Because this experience is not for everyone, and surely this tool is not for everyone either.


  • 36 inches long chainsaw
  • Carbon heated steal
  • Very sharp teeth
  • Full refund 
  • Free magnesium fire starter


  • The chain may be too long

If you’re looking for a backpack saw that can fit in your pocket, this one’s for you. This is probably the most convenient for carrying around. That doesn’t make it any less effective though.

This saw is very strong due to its triple cut razor teeth. It can cut through dry and softwood without any problems. You can also use it to cut through bones and plastic.

The handle on this backpack saw is made to be slip-resistant, so you can rest assured that a tight grip is guaranteed whatever the condition you use it in.

It’s also safe because you can lock it in and out. If you’re not satisfied with its grip, you can adjust it to fit the level of tightness that you’re looking for.

Although we’ve been going on and on about how strong this backpack saw is, we still don’t recommend using it on a piece of wood that’s larger than 4 inches diameters.

You also need to take good care of the blade on this one, if you don’t it’ll rust faster than you think. You need to keep it clean, dry, and oiled when not used for a long period of time.

Don’t worry too much about the cons. If you like the features of this backpack saw then just buy it. This brand offers a lifelong warranty, so you can return it if you’re not satisfied with what you’ve got.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Less friction design
  • Triple-cut razor teeth
  • Slip-resistant handle
  • Carbon steel adjustable blade
  • 10.1 ounces


  • Can’t cut thick wood
  • May rust with time

Why You Should Start Looking for a Backpacking Saw

It’s always handy to look for a backpack saw that’ll be both useful and doesn’t need much space. You can use your backpack saw to cut wood for making a fire, to hunt for food, or to carve something beautiful while you’re enjoying the scenery.

You may even get lost, with no cell signal, and a pile of trees may face you ahead cutting your way forward. Not a beautiful thought, but if you’re an adventurous soul, it might happen.

The Selection Process

The best backpacking saw can save you a lot of troubles in the wilderness. You can use it to cut your way through. However, you can’t just buy whatever product you can find. There’s knowledge involved in picking the right tool, and we’ll teach everything you need to know about the best backpack saw you should have.

Just like any product, a backpack saw differs from one brand to the other. Deciding on what kind of backpack saw you should go for is crucial. 

You don’t want to be hasty and then get stuck with a product that you don’t like and you’ve no use for. Take your time and think of the following features before you set your mind on your purchase.

Types of Saws

There are more than a single type of backpacking saw found on the market.

Folding Saws

These saws come equipped with a diamond-shaped blade that deems them the more dependable and efficient type.

A folding saw comprises double rows of teeth, which is another plus. You can cut wood from both directions. These multipurpose saws enable you to not only cut but also prune and trim with ease.

A final advantage is, of course, portability. They are compact and can be stored with ease.

Pocket Saws

The only thing pocket saws share with a folding saw is being compact. They’re lightweight and are considered the most versatile option for various sawing tasks.

Their pointy teeth have a more aggressive style, and they will cut at a more efficient pace. It’s unfortunate that cutting at some specific angles does prove difficult with this particular type of saw.

Bow Saws

As the name suggests, this saw comes in the shape of a bow. They are highly effective in cutting and pruning.

They’re harder to handle and a monstrosity during storage, but come what may, you’ll appreciate the extra strength this type of saw offers.

What to Consider When Buying a Backpack Saw

Buying a saw might seem like an effortless chore to the inexperienced. A true enthusiast, however, will thoroughly inspect some main aspects of the saw.

From the previous section, it’s apparent that the first true step to buying the perfect backpack saw is to identify with which type of saw will be tailored for your specific needs.


There are two things you need to consider when choosing a backpack saw based on the type of its blade. You must look at its length and the TPI.

Whatever you plan to cut will decide the length of your blade. It’s obvious that larger pieces of wood will require longer blades. The material is also very important. The best blades out there are the ones made out of coated stainless steel. These will never rust or cause any friction when you use them.

TPI refers to the number of teeth per inch in your blade. Fine teeth will be useful for cutting hardwood while coarse teeth are useful for cutting softwood. The more TPI the smoother the cut. 

It’s also wise to consider a blade that is adjustable. That’ll give you more versatility when cutting your objects.


Talking about the handle of a backpacking saw is talking about safety. The handle must be made out of soft materials that’ll ensure a tight grip when cutting. 

Having the possibility of slipping from your hands is never good. A lot of accidents may arise from cutting wood with a saw that has a loose and slippery handle. So better be safe than sorry.

Size and Weight

If you’re a beginner and you’re planning your first camping trip, you should consider a medium-sized backpack saw. 

Since this will be your first time in the wilderness, you never know what kind of use you’ll need it for. Once you become more aware of your activities and your materials, you can then choose a size that fits your needs and your backpack capacity.


Length is usually an important factor for the fit of your bag before your cutting efficacy. However, if you’re out to cut thick wood, a general rule of thumb is to choose a backpacking saw that’s 50% longer than the log’s diameter.


Never buy a product before you decide exactly what it’s needed for you. That applies to backpack saws as well. 

Think carefully about what purpose you need it for: is it for hardwood, softwood, or anything else. You also need to consider where you’re going to be using it. Are you going to use it at home in your own garden, while camping, or anywhere else? 

Think before you act. Answer all the questions you have in mind then evaluate your situation. Once your mind is set, go ahead and order your best backpack saw.

Precautions When Using a Backpack Saw

If you’re new to camping and this is your first time needing a saw, there are things that you need to be aware of. You have to be careful because using a saw can be dangerous for beginners. You don’t want to hurt yourself while trying to have some fun in the wilderness.

Choose the Perfect Size

The first thing you need to consider is choosing the perfect size for your own grip. If you buy a saw that is bigger than your hand can handle it’ll be a problem. Imagine using it with full force then it drops from your hand. You may hurt your hands, or even your legs if the fall is too harsh. 

Don’t pay too much attention to dimensions and weight if there’s a hardware store nearby. The best way I used to find my perfect fit was by going to the store myself and trying some out.

Smaller backpacking saws can bulkier, and bigger ones can feel hollow and hard to manage. So, find the saw that truly fits your hands and doesn’t weigh too much on your back.

Never Touch The Blade with Your Hands

Once you buy your product, be careful of touching it with your hands. Some people try to test the sharpness of the teeth by running it on their palms. That’s very dangerous. A new saw will be sharper than your kitchen knife, so don’t try to be smart and always remember to be safe.

Check before Use

You must also keep in mind to always check your saw before using it. It may be broken somewhere and that may cause harm when using it. Once you’ve checked that your saw is alright, go firm and slow. You need to apply pressure only when you’re pulling. 

Keep It Clean

When you’re done using your saw, clean it before you pack it. You must also remember to never pack it open. You never know what will happen on your ride back home. You may even try to reach for it next time and have your hand sliced open because you forgot to lock your blade. 

These were a few pointers on how to use your saw and stay safe at the same time. You need to know and learn how to handle a saw before actually buying it. With time, you’ll be an expert, and these notes will be second nature to you.


Now that you have learned all that you need to know about backpack saw, you can go ahead and choose your favorite. 

Don’t forget to focus on your own needs. A backpack saw isn’t a decoration, it’s a tool for actual use. So choose wisely. 

Out of the products above, we believe that the Bahco Laplander is the best backpacking saw just because it is small, strong, and can cut through anything. It’s the ultimate saw for packing. 

If the Bahco Laplander is expensive for you, you can go with Tabor Tools Pruning Saw. It’s affordable and does the job right.

Your choice is a different story. It all depends on you and on your situation, so just go ahead and be smart about it.

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