Waterproof 2 Person Tent Ratings

Hiking can be a very great adventure. It makes you feel the connection with nature, and challenges you like no other. Even though it brings you out of your comfort zone, hiking is still loved by adventure seekers and outdoor lovers.

Packing a high-quality tent increases your comfort and safety for any backpacking activity. Companies have foreseen the increasing demand for camping tents and therefore, there are a wide variety of them now available.

However, when you are out to buy a new tent, it can be overwhelming as there are a lot of choices.

When it comes to tents, important factors to consider such as weight, weather protection, and interior space should be kept in mind. The weight should be easily carried on a long hike and difficult trails.

The tent should be rainproof so that you will be kept dry even in a deluge. It should also be large enough to accommodate you and another hiker.

To help you with choosing the best waterproof 2-person tent, here are some helpful buying tips for you.

Waterproof 2 Person Tent Buying Guide


The number-one consideration in tent buying is the weight; if you have been on many hikes before, you will agree with this. You do not want to get left behind or get body aches by having a heavy load during the hike.

A few ounces may not be a big deal, but if you want to enjoy the hike, you may want to consider packing a lightweight tent. It is one of the heaviest thing you bring along so make sure that it is light.


A tent is the only shelter you will have outdoors. Therefore, check on the protection the tent you buy will provide for you. It should be made with waterproof materials and a rainfly to protect you from rain, and from the rainwater getting inside the tent.

A tent should also be able to protect you from insects, mosquitoes, and other unwanted elements.  Beware of the extremely low-budget tents as they might not have these features.


Most tents for camping have a capacity of up to 2 adult campers because manufacturers want to keep tents lightweight. However, there are also tents that are intended for solo backpackers who want to enjoy an extremely lightweight load.

While a solo tent can be a good idea to decrease load, a 2 person tent might be a better idea, if you are a solo camper with a lot of gear you don’t want to leave outside.


Designs are also an important consideration for buying a tent. Great tents have multiple doors and air vents to reduce condensation and keep the fresh air freely flowing inside the tent.

Interior pockets are practical for storing valuables and other things on your backpacking adventure. A large headroom enables you stand inside the tent for a more convenient stay.


In everything that buy, you will consider this. However, if you have the budget, choose the best tent for you, no matter how much it is.

But for hikers who are on a limited budget, there are a few tents for camping that are lightweight, waterproof, have a good design, are made of sturdy materials and are affordable. These kinds of tents are cost effective and they can be easily found.

However, beware of the extremely cheap tents as they might not have the important features. You do not want to buy a cheap tent and have it suddenly fall apart while camping. Cheap tents should still be able to protect you and make you feel comfortable outdoors.

You can buy your tent in a brick-and-mortar stores to personally check the item. When buying online, check the return policy of the seller so you can return an unused tent within a specific time frame.

There are good waterproof 2 person tents on the market today. Some of these are the Coleman Pop Up Tent, the Geertop 4 Season 2 Person 20D Alpine Tent, the Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent, and more.


When it comes to buying a tent, make sure that you check the important factors on buying before you shell out your hard-earned money. Important features such as the protection, weight, capacity, design, and cost should always be considered. This is to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable, and fun stay outdoors during your backpacking adventure.

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