The Best Wool Blankets For Camping And Backpacking To Keep You Warm

Any seasoned camper will know that the best time to get out there is during the colder months. Not only is the weather beautifully crisp, but you’re also avoiding the crowds of other campers. However, before venturing out in the cold, it’s imperative to have the right gear with you.

That’s why we recommend going for the Arcturus Military Wool Blanket if you just want the best of the best.

Sleeping bags are your first shield from the cold, but often you’ll need something more. Today, we’re looking for the best wool blanket for camping.

In this article, we’re going to review the following wool blankets for camping:

The Best Wool Blankets for Camping

Military Wool Blanket by Arcturus
Material: Wool and synthetic fibersSize:  64 x 88 inchesMachine washable:  Yes

For the best wool blanket on today’s list, we have the Military Wool Blanket from Arcturus. This is a heavy-duty wool blanket, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Military Wool Blanket is heavy, weighing in at about 4.5 pounds and has a density of 600 grams per square meter. It’s thick and lovely, capable of keeping you warm through cold weather.

Arcturus used 80 percent wool and 20 percent hypoallergenic synthetic fibers, which aids durability and washability. It’s machine washable if it fits your washer, and you can even tumble dry it on a low-heat setting.

Because of the large amount of wool used in the blanket, it can keep you warm even when wet. Water won’t be able to penetrate, keeping you dry and cozy inside, which would’ve been nice on my last ski trip.

The blanket looks great, too. It’s loom-woven with hems on all sides, finished with contrast lock stitching.

You can choose between three colors — these are military grey, olive green and navy blue. No matter which option you choose, whether you’re going on a picnic or want to get cozy with your partner, the blanket is large, and there’s room for everyone. It measures 64 inches by 88 inches — excellent for any occasion.


  • Thick, heavy-duty blanket.
  • Machine-washable and tumble dry-safe.
  • Large and roomy.
  • Good-looking with three colors available.


  • Chemical smell.
  • Sheds in the dryer.
Material: Wool and synthetic fibersSize:  66 x 96 inchesMachine washable:  Yes

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to the other blankets on the list, we highly recommend the Eco-Wise by Pendleton. With the name, you already know you’re getting a high-quality product.

The Eco-Wise blanket is similar to other Pendleton products, except that it’s made with sustainability in mind. Pendleton used only renewable wool and natural dyes, meaning there are no chemicals and a minimal impact on mother earth.

But don’t let the natural dyes fool you — the blanket is vibrant, and the color pops. The twin size, at 66 by 96 inches, works as a cover as well as a throw blanket for spicing up a camper. Also, the edges feature whipstitched finishes, which add the cherry on top — it’s simply stunning.

You have different sizes to choose from as well as colors and patterns. It’s also available in vintage plaid and a stripy glacier.

Besides the sustainability and amazing looks, it’s easy to maintain, too. Pendleton stresses that it’s machine-washable and will continue to hold its soft texture and rich color, even through multiple washes.


  • Made with eco-friendly products.
  • Vibrant color.
  • Soft and warm.
  • Machine-washable.


  • Stiff out of the package but softens up after the first wash.
100% Wool Blanket by EKTOS
Material: 100% woolSize:  66 x 90 inchesMachine washable:  Yes

For those of you who are on the hunt for a heavy-duty wool blanket, Ektos has one for you. This heavyweight of a blanket is thick and durable, ready for the autumn camping trip.

One exceptional pro about an all-wool blanket is the warmth to weight ratio. Ektos used 100 percent wool when producing the cover — it’s loom-woven and has finished edges to prevent any separating or fraying. Though it’s fairly heavy, weighing in at 5.5 pounds, you know it will keep you warm.

It’s a natural insulator, which works to regulate your body temperature, even when wet. The comfort it promises is also outstanding — Ektos designed it to be non-scratchy and super soft.

The blanket has no added chemicals to keep it fire retardant. Instead, it relies fully on wool’s natural fire-resistant abilities. Besides this, it’s mildew and static-resistant — you can run your socks over the carpet and still not get shocked from the blanket.

What’s more, the blanket is effortless to care for. It’s machine and hand-washable; just keep it on a cool setting.


  • 100 percent wool blanket.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Super soft and flexible.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Heavy.
  • Sheds after washing.
Merino Wool Camp Blanket by Woolly Mammoth Woolen Co.
Material: Wool, nylon and polyesterSize:  66 x 90 inchesMachine washable:  No

If you’re tall or simply want a large wool blanket, then look no further. The Merino Wool Camp Blanket measures 66 by 90 inches, which is a fantastic size, whether it’s needed for when sleeping or use as a picnic blanket.

The cover is warm and cozy, and is woven using a twill weave — it includes 80% virgin Merino wool, without any recycled material. To enhance its durability, the manufacturer added 20 percent acrylic nylon and polyester in the warp and weft.

We’re really into the look of this blanket. It’s dense thanks to its milled finish, meaning it has an inter-fiber felting and fabric consolidation. The edges have double-stitched polyester threads, and, for that timeless finish, there’s a thick yarn whipstitch running around the blanket.

Three colors are available for you to choose from — grey, olive green and navy blue. Thanks to the weave, stains and smudges are less noticeable, irrespective of which color you choose. However, it’s dry clean only, so it won’t hold up in the washer or dryer.

Despite its massive size and density, it only weighs 4 pounds, which is ideal for camping trips and transportation. It’s also easy to roll up and place on a backpack during a hike.


  • Fantastic length.
  • Durable weave.
  • Beautiful whipstitch finish.
  • Lightweight and easy to roll up.


  • Not as soft as other wool blankets.
Twin Wool Camp Blanket with Leather Carrier by Pendleton
Material: Wool and cottonSize:  66 x 84 inchesMachine washable:  No

If you’re searching for the best wool blanket for backpacking, Pendleton has something for you. The Twin Wool Camp Blanket comes with a compatible leather carrier, making it easy to attach on a backpack or a bike.

The quality of this blanket is outstanding — it contains 86 percent wool and 14 percent cotton, so it’s comfy and warm, too. The wool blend is water-resistant and heavy-duty, so it’s definitely suitable for outdoorsy living.

Partially why it’s so suitable for backpacking is its smaller size. It’s a twin-sized blanket, measuring 66 by 84 inches. Don’t worry; there’s still ample room to snuggle up and get warm.

Save space in your backpack by using this warm blanket as a pillow in your sleeping bag.

It’s a very vintage-styled blanket, with different colored stripes. Around the edges is a whipstitch binding, giving it that beautiful, timeless look. You can pick between three colors, all of which are earthy and warm.

The included leather carrier strap is rugged, yet stylish, finished off with the Pendleton logo.


  • Fantastic for backpacking thanks to included carrier strap.
  • Super comfy and warm.
  • Heavy-duty blanket.
  • Earthy, vintage-style look.


  • Not as flexible as others.
Olive Drab Green Warm Wool Blanket by Ever Ready First Aid
Material: Wool and synthetic fibersSize:  66 x 90 inchesMachine washable:  Yes

If you’re going to hit the trails, this is an excellent companion — Ever Ready First Aid designed it similar to those issued to the military.

The blanket will keep you warm — it’s designed to trap body heat during extreme weather conditions. If you live in the South, it might be too warm, though.

With a twin-size of 66 by 90 inches, there’s still plenty of room to snuggle up. And, because it’s fire retardant, you can easily sit near the campfire without worrying that you’ll end up as crisp toast.

It contains 80 percent wool and 20 percent synthetic materials, which gives it a soft texture. Thanks to this softness, it’s effortless to roll up. Depending on the size of your backpack, you may need a carrier strap to attach it on the outside, though.


  • Excellent blanket for backpacking.
  • Soft and warm.
  • Fire retardant material.


  • Sheds when washing.
  • Distinct smell prior to the first washing.
Heavyweight Alpaca Wool Blanket by Alpaca Warehouse
Material: Alpaca woolSize:  82 x 62 inchesMachine washable:  No

A soft blanket is always appreciated when away from home, and Alpaca Warehouse delivers. This Alpaca wool blanket is extra thick but super soft — able to keep you warm during the cold camping nights or sat around the fire.

The blanket is made in Peru out of alpaca wool, produced using only high-quality materials. It offers outstanding warmth and strength so that you can use it in various scenarios. It’s also available in three different sizes and colors, suitable for twins, queens and kings — beds, of course!

Alpaca Warehouse designed it as a throw blanket, but it’s ultra-thick, so you can easily use it to shield you from the cold ground. Another thing it prides itself on is the itchless design, so it won’t be like Grandma’s itchy Christmas sweaters.

We decided to showcase the twin size here, which measures 82 by 62 inches. We feel that this is the best size when going camping, especially if you’re hiking.


  • Very soft and comfortable.
  • Made from high-quality alpaca wool.
  • Non-itchy.
  • More sizes available.


  • Quality control issues — some blankets have poor threading.
Crater Lake Navy National Park Blanket by Pendleton
Material: Virgin woolSize:  90 x 90 inchesMachine washable:  No

The Pendleton Crater Lake Navy National Park Blanket contains 100 percent wool and is made in the U.S.

Pendleton is a famous name that brings both modern and nostalgic vibes. It’s been around since the early 1900s, where it’s continued to honor the treasures of America’s National Parks.

One thing we adore about this blanket is the reassurance of quality. With it, you’ll receive a woven label marked with the park name, as well as an image of a natural feature. While this doesn’t impact its ability to keep you warm, we appreciate the Pendleton stamp of style and authority.

The Crater Lake Blanket is a queen size, measuring 90 by 90 inches, making it by far the largest on our list.

It’s dry clean only to protect the delicate wool, and we’re amazed by the style — the navy blue and those rainbow-colored stripes give it a vintage vibe we just can’t shake off. Don’t ruin it by machine-washing it!


  • High-quality, 100 percent wool blanket.
  • Very soft.
  • Nostalgic style.
  • Pendleton woven label included.


  • A little thin.

Why Wool Rocks

When it comes to camping blankets, the material that always seems to be the best is wool. Whether it’s a blend or pure, wool blankets provide a range of benefits to the camper:

Naturally Regulates Temperatures

One of wool’s many abilities is to regulate temperatures — you may notice that the blanket feels warm in the winter, yet still comfortable during summer. One study even showed that sleeping in wool clothes and bedding could potentially improve your sleep, as it kept a steady thermal environment.

Wool’s pretty amazing — it works to draw the heat from your body during warm weather and directs it to a cooler area. This, in turn, keeps you cool, even though it’s warm out. In the winter, wool does the opposite, as it now contains the heat around your body under the blanket.

You’ll notice that we’ve featured an alpaca blanket on our list. Alpaca wool is more efficient than sheep’s wool due to its better thermal capacity. So, do consider the Alpaca Warehouse product for this alone.


Because wool is all-natural and, thus, chemical-free, it rarely causes any allergic reactions. Some studies have shown that most people who react to wool are actually sensitive toward lanolin and textile-processing additives.


If you’re wet from the rain, the wool blanket will work to absorb moisture before releasing it back into the air. The same happens if you sweat while you’re sleeping.

Because of this, there’s also only a small chance that a wool blanket develops mold or mildew.

How to Find the Best Wool Blankets for Camping

Blanket Weight

One drawback of wool blankets is that they tend to be heavy — some weigh more than 5 pounds, which isn’t ideal when hiking. Of course, this depends on personal preference, but it’s generally better to go with lighter ones. Less weight means they’re easier to carry, and you can always add layers underneath if needed.

Percentage of Wool

Even though there’s the word “wool” in the description, it doesn’t mean the blanket is 100 percent wool. In fact, most blankets are only 80 percent, where the rest will either be cotton or synthetic, such as polyester or nylon.

It’s not exactly a bad thing. Many times, those that are a blend are softer to touch and less itchy. However, you won’t get the full benefits of wool, including temperature regulations, fire-resistance and hypoallergenic material.

Size Does Matter

Before you begin your search, consider how big the blanket should be. This depends on your size and how many people will share it. Twin-sized blankets, around 66 inches by 90 inches, are very standard in wool camping blankets, but you can get the bigger queen and king-sized ones for ultimate coverage.


Itchiness is people’s biggest fear when they hear the word “wool.” Fortunately, most aren’t that itchy. It all depends on the blend of materials and how it’s woven together. High-quality wool blankets, like the Eco-Wise by Pendleton, are super soft, even though they’re 100 percent wool.


A good wool blanket can easily cost over $100. When it comes to the cost, it’s imperative to remember that it usually means better quality. And when out on the trail, you rely on your equipment, so quality is essential.

However, if you’re simply looking for a throw blanket for the camper, you can easily go with a less expensive choice. But we highly recommend doing your research to ensure it’s right for you.


In case something should happen, such as extreme weather changes or even just rough conditions, you need equipment you can trust. This will also ensure that the blanket will last for years to come.

Fire Retardant

Pure wool is a natural fire-retardant. The material requires a lot of oxygen to ignite, making it very difficult for it to catch flames. It’s also a lot less likely to melt when heated, as synthetic materials usually do.

However, because many wool blankets contain other materials and the wool has been stretched during production, their resistance to fire diminishes. Of course, they’re probably less flammable than a nylon blanket, but don’t cover yourself and consider it safe during a fire.

How to Take Care of Your Wool Blanket

Although wool blankets are durable, their worst enemy (probably) is the washer. Not many are machine-washable, but fortunately, the material is quite stain-resistant.

Any good brand will give you thorough directions for cleaning and storing to ensure the blanket’s quality. Despite this, there are some general pointers to follow:


Finding the best wool blanket for camping is a guarantee of staying warm and cozy. Our winner today is the Military Wool Blanket by Arcturus; it’s a heavy-duty wool blanket without being too heavy, so it’s easy to transport. For our runner-up, we have the Pendleton Eco-Wise, notable for its eco-friendly creation while providing excellent warmth. It’s slightly larger than the Arcturus winner but just loses out based on it being slightly thinner.

Wool is one of the best materials to choose because it naturally regulates temperature and is less likely to give you an allergic reaction. Still, it’s essential to consider the weight, size and percentage of wool used to ensure you get the best blanket for you.

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