The Best Camping Hatchets And Axes For The Money

Going camping in the woods soon? Make sure you get the best hatchet or axe for you trip. Why? You never know what you may come across in those woods and you may very well need one of these tools. Whether it is small shrubs and trees in a nice camping area or you need wood for making a fire, these cutting tools are always good to keep handy. But do you know what type of axe is best for you to use? Do you know how to choose an axe?

Well it’s a good thing you’re here. You will learn all about how you choose these tools and we will provide our top picks from the many products you can find for sale on the market today. Continue reading to get the best information about that axe or hatchet that you are about to buy.

In this article we will be reviewing the following axes and hatchets for camping and backpacking:

Top Hatchets and Axes

If you are looking for a hatchet that has a great blade for cutting, you will love this product from Estwing. It is a beautifully crafted item that is made from American steel. It is made in the USA and they have also placed an amazing leather grip on it. At 1.7 lbs, this hatchet has a great balance and temper. This is definitely a great tool to have with you as you go camping. If you need a hatchet that is very portable because of its weight and size, we highly recommend that you give this product a try. Keep the blade sharpened and we are sure that your cutting tasks will be much easier to complete. The blade of this hatchet comes hand sharpened already to give you a great cutting blade right from the beginning.

When you purchase this axe, you will receive a heavy-duty nylon sheath in the package. This sheath is designed to protect the blade as well as protect you from being harmed by the blade when it is not being used. Remember, that when you use this hatchet, you should always wear safety googles as debris can get in your eyes and cause damage.


  • Inexpensive
  • Made from great materials
  • Comes with a nylon sheath for protection


  • It is a bit light so it may not deliver much force

This amazing axe by Columbia River Knife and Tool is 2-in-1 solution combining an axe and a hammer in one. Because of how it is designed, there is a hammer head at the top which you can use to pound nails and other things. The blade of the axe is made from a very durable carbon steel, and the handle is made from Tennessee hickory.

This very amazing and durable axe should provide you with many years of fantastic service. And the best part about it is that it is not even expensive. Although it is not the cheapest product that you can find on the market today, it is nowhere near the price of an expensive axe. It definitely seems to be a great value product. If you need an axe that can do more than just chop and cut, you should carefully consider purchasing this one.


  • It includes a hammer head
  • Made from good quality materials


  • It does not come with a leather sheath

When you buy this hatchet, you should receive it with a leather sheath that is perfect for storing the hatchet when it is not in use as well as protect you from injury whenever you carry the hatchet around. This hatchet has a decent sized handle of 13” and the handle is curved. With a curved handle such as this, it is often easier to maneuver the hatchet and make larger chops. Weighing just about 2 lbs., it is the perfect size to deliver that good, forceful chop that you want to make in that piece of wood.

The hickory handle and steel blade both contribute to making this axe effective and durable. The head of the axe is even attached to the handle using a wooden and steel wedge. This makes sure that it is properly fastened so the blade should not get separated from the handle even when you chop the hardest wood.

It is the perfect tool to take camping or on a hike because of its small size and ability to get most chopping done effectively. If you are not buying this axe for camping purposes, it will also make a great tool to have for chopping fire wood as well as doing other jobs around the home.


  • It has a good weight so you can exert a lot of force when chopping
  • Curved handle
  • Made of durable materials


  • It may be a little heavy to carry around

Included with this Gransfors axe is an axe book and a 20-year guarantee; this is a mere indication of the astounding quality that you will receive when you purchase this item. The entire axe weighs 1.3 lbs, but it can deliver great force to chop, slice or cut wood.

This wildlife hatchet can be used for just about any cutting, chopping or slicing task. As is the case with many axes, you will receive a vegetable-tanned leather sheath for this product when you purchase it.

The handle of the hatchet is just 13.5 inches. It is made of hickory which is a very good type of wood for axe handles. It is durable and helps the user to deliver good force to any chopping task.


  • It comes with an axe book so you can learn about the axe
  • It has a 20-year guarantee
  • Easy to carry around


  • There is no wedge on the top of the handle

Small forest axe is made of premium materials and has a healthy price tag. This axe has a 19” handle that is made from hickory. With such a long handle, it is easy for you to exert a lot of force whenever you are chopping or cutting an item. The handle is also curved so that it feels much more natural to hold instead of an axe with a straight handle.

At just 1.5 lbs., this axe is very light so it should not add a lot of weight to any bag that you are carrying around. Although it may be a bit long.

When you purchase this product, you will also receive a grain-leather sheath in which to place the axe.


  • Premium quality
  • Long handle
  • Curved
  • Light
  • Comes with leather sheath


  • Expensive
  • May be too long for you

This is a single bit axe, but you can use it to chop or cut just about all types of wood among other things. The axe head is very securely fastened to the handle. In fact, at this price, this axe seems to be pretty well built.

The handle is just under 26” for a greater impact with every chop that you make. The entire axe is made in Sweden and once you purchase it, you should receive a leather edge cover to protect the blade. Remember, as a general rule for all axes, ensure that you grease the blade if you will not be using it for a long while. The grease will prevent any rust or oxidation from occurring so the blade does not get discolored and dull. It is also good to ensure that your axe remains sharp so you do not damage the blade when you are cutting things.


  • Comes with a leather edge


  • May be too long for you

Not every axe is easy to use with just one hand. Some are just hard to manipulate because they lack the balance needed to strike accurately; some are just way too heavy so you have to have a firm grip. This axe however, is perfect for using with just one hand. In fact, this is a selling point for this product. The handle is only 17” long. It is especially useful if you want to split small logs. It has a great balance plus a power to weight ratio that helps to maximize the amount of force that strikes any wood that you try to chop.

The axe comes with a lifetime warranty. This is an indication of the quality of the axe you will be receiving. Once you properly maintain it, you can pass this axe down to your children and they may have it for many years to come. This axe is just perfect for quick jobs that you have to do around the yard or in the forest. Moreover, it is not very heavy at just about 2 lbs., making it very portable.


  • Can be handled with one hand


  • Not good for big tasks

This Schrade axe is very inexpensive but it is very reliable and durable. It has a stainless steel axe head and a handle that is just about 5” long. It is extremely easy to carry around; since it only weighs 1.4 lbs., and is so small, it can fit just about anywhere. Unlike bigger axes, this small hatchet may even fit comfortably on a belt clip.

This axe is perfect for people who love outdoor adventures. It can help to clear pathways in the forest, chop small trees and much more. It even comes with its own sheath.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with sheath


  • Not good for big tasks

Things to consider

Axe vs. hatchet

A hatchet is a smaller version of the axe. While the axe is typically 22” and longer, the hatchet tends to be a foot long. Because the axe is longer, when you swing it to chop a piece of wood, it tends to exert more force. But an axe tends to be much heavier and takes up a lot more space.

Double bit vs Single bit

The single bit cuts faster but the double bit has more balance and is versatile. Because the double bit has a greater balance, it provides accurate cuts and greater efficiency.

Length of the handle

The longer the handle, the more force with which you can swing, but longer handles mean that the axe takes up more space.

Curvature of the handle

Choose a curved handle if your axe has a single bit. It should feel more natural.

The weight of the head

If this will be your first axe, it is wise to use one that is not heavy (less than 5 lbs). The heavier axes are recommended for persons with experience.