Best 14 Person Tent For Large Groups

We’re constantly being told it’s good to be outdoors as much as possible, both for our mental and physical health. Camping out as part of a larger group is always going to be more fun than on your own. To make the experience a positive one, it helps if you’ve got the best 14-person tent.

If you’re in a rush because you’ve got something planned, our top choice goes to the Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Tent.

In this article, we’re going to review the following 14 person tents:

14 Person Tent Reviews

We’ve done all the legwork so you can get on with planning the rest of your group vacation. This well-researched list of the best 14 person camping tents is as follows:

What to Look For When Buying a 14-Person Tent

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Camping as a group can get very stressful if there’s not enough room. Space is one of the most crucial elements when choosing a 14 man tent, but there’s much more to it than that.

The main factors to take into account when choosing your 14-man tent are:

  • Ease of setup.
  • Comfort features.
  • Gear features.
  • Materials.
  • Climate and seasons.

Ease of Setup

Pitching a tent that’s big enough to house up to 14 people won’t be easy. We’d be lying if we said it is. All that aside, most of the manufacturers in our list have done everything they can to make it easier.

Color-coded poles, lightweight components, assembly systems that are simple and shock-corded poles all help reduce the time it takes. Our number one tent, the Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Tent, takes things one step further by including pre-attached pole elbows. If you’ve ever been camping before, you know how frustrating it can be to search around for the right parts.

There is a small downside to ease of construction, and that’s the additional bulk some of these easy systems take up.

Freestanding or Not

A common feature of many modern tents is that you can pick them up off the ground and move them. There’s no need to take them down and put them up in a new location. Specially designed tent poles are used to hold up the tent, and tent stakes aren’t a requirement.

The tents on our list are all freestanding, although they might not be as easy to move as a much smaller tent.

Comfort Features

There’s no reason you should rough it just because you’re camping. A few creature comforts can make any tent feel luxurious. The Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin tent is by far the roomiest, but the Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season tent comes a close second thanks to the 7 feet of headspace.


Multiple rooms are an obvious advantage of this type of tent; some even include cabinets and separate communal areas. There’s only one our list lacking in space, and that’s the Tahoe Gear Manitoba Family Outdoor Camping Tent.

It’s worth pointing out that manufacturers base a 14-person capacity on the number of sleeping pads that can be placed on the floor. Don’t expect to house 14 people sleeping on airbeds.


A tent can’t have too many entrances, as long as you can securely zip them up. It’s also a good idea for entering and exiting not to interfere with other resident’s comfort.

This is one small downside of our number one tent, the Ozark Trail Base Camp model. If you make use of all four rooms and the communal area, you have to go through one of the rooms to get out.


Having numerous windows means more ventilation and light. Make sure the windows also protect from the elements with mesh plus zippered panels.

Gear Features and Storage

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If you take lots of camping gear with you, it’s useful if there’s somewhere you can store it. While these group tents are spacious, keeping all the gear in your sleeping quarters isn’t ideal.

The Ozark Trail Spring Lodge Cabin Camping Tent has two storage closets, a screened-in porch and fully floored screen room. That should be plenty of space for any gear you’ve brought with you.

Keep in mind that a 14-man tent can still suit a smaller sized party. In fact, in this instance, you can use the extra sleeping areas to store your gear.


With so many people using the tent, you want the construction to be of the highest durability and to withstand the elements.


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For the best possible waterproofness, you need a tent with a thick floor and wall material, waterproof material and strong stitching in the seams. These will help your tent last a long time and be water-resistant.

The best materials for waterproofness include polyester and polyethylene. Neither of these synthetic materials need a special waterproof coating.


To help keep the tent in good condition, reinforced floors, zippered doors and windows, and the use of high-durability materials is essential. Cotton and canvas are the best materials for durability, but they tend to be very heavy.

Most modern tents are manufactured using polyester or nylon. To improve their water resistance, you’ll often find coatings such as acrylic, polyurethane, or silicone.

Climate and Seasons

Tents of this kind are generally designed to be used during two or three seasons. Camping out in the depths of winter is not what they’re designed for. The height of the summer might also be ruled out unless your tent has a solar shield to reflect the sunlight, as the Tahoe Gear Carson model has.

Benefits of a 14 Person Tent

The most obvious benefit of a tent of such proportions has to be the size. Aside from this, there are several other advantages to choosing a tent with such capacity:

  • Gear space.
  • Elbow room.
  • Height.
  • Extra features.

Space for Gear

A 14-man tent has enough space to fit all your family or a group of friends. Not only that, there’s typically space to stow any gear you might bring along.

A Little Elbow Room

14 people sharing one space might feel claustrophobic if it wasn’t for the extra elbow room afforded with a tent of this magnitude. The Ozark Trail Base, Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season, and the Fortunershop Family Cabin tent all have an additional communal or screen room for extra space.


If your group mainly consists of kids, then head height might not be a concern. On the flip side, if your group is made up of mostly adults, extra headroom would be appreciated. The tent with the most headroom is the Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season option — 7 feet should be enough for anyone.

Extra Features

Additional features that make camping a little easier include E-ports, so you can use power cords for lamps, chargers and other electronic devices. Mesh pockets come in very handy for keeping small things safe.

Screened rooms are also a good addition. They can be great places to relax undercover, as well as being used for extra storage or an area for a dog bed.

A Quick Round-Up

The best 14-person tent is the one that includes plenty of space, ample headroom, four rooms and a communal space, and plenty of windows for ventilation and light.

The Ozark Trail Base Camp Cabin Tent ticks all these boxes. Its construction is also of a high quality. The plus-sign design means that are four rooms with one communal area in the middle, and it provides 235 square feet of living space. There’s also a media pocket, gear loft, and two gear hammocks for any gadgets you care to bring along.

Coming in a close second is the Tahoe Gear Manitoba Family Outdoor Camping Tent, although some might consider it on the small side. There are, after all, fewer rooms than with our number one choice. That being said, there is a generous 6.5-foot center height, making it easy for you to move around inside. 

Best 12 Person Tent To Fit You All

camping tent for twelve people

Whether you’re towing along your family, or hosting a getaway with friends, choosing a roomy 12 person tent is an excellent choice. Regardless of how many people have to share it, you’ll have ample room to stretch your legs.

With this in mind, we’ve gone with the NTK Super Arizona GT for its roominess and excellent durability.

The best 12 person tents come with extra compartments than smaller models, providing excellent privacy. This works out fantastic, whether you have kids or are camping with friends.

In this article, we’re going to review the following 12 person tents:

Best Tents for Twelve People

A high-quality tent is imperative when going camping, so we took extra care when selecting the best 12 people tents. Taking into the key features further down, we managed to find our top seven.

What to Consider When Finding the Best 12 People Tent

Ease of Setup

One of the most crucial points to consider when choosing a tent is how easy it is to set up. A complicated setup means lots of frustrations.

When it comes to tents, you’re generally met with a choice between freestanding and non-freestanding.

The tents on our review list are non-freestanding. Some, including the Two Room Tent by Core, are specially designed to make set up easy. It works similarly to a freestanding tent, but with the security of stakes.

Freestanding Tents

Freestanding tents are those that don’t require any stakes in the ground. They have pre-attached poles, making them easy to set up. Because there are no stakes, you can easily pick them up and move them. However, they aren’t as safe in windy conditions.

Non-Freestanding Tents

Non-freestanding tents are the old-fashioned ones, where you’ll need ropes or cords attached to stakes that secure them to the ground. They’re generally more weatherproof and are lighter to carry. They can, however, be cumbersome to set up.

Comfort Features

Tent Size

With tents, you’ll have to provide the sleeping arrangements, for example, a sleeping bag or air mattress.

So when it comes to your comfort, the focus on the size. Even though all the tents we feature can house 12 people, not all are equally spacious. If you’re going to travel with several people, you need extra room.

Think about what you’re using to sleep in — are you bringing queen-sized air mattresses or simple sleeping bags?

Amount of Rooms

It may sound crazy if you aren’t used to large tents, but many do offer two to three rooms. The manufacturer will include a room divider that you can attach in certain areas for more privacy.

Sometimes, they’ll give you one large space and a smaller one, which is excellent if you’re hauling extra gear. If you’re traveling with coupled friends, we highly recommend looking for room dividers. This way, everyone can have their private space without being totally separated.

Windows and Views

Tents can often feel confined and closed off, so having a window or two helps open up the space.

Fortunately, most 12-person tents come with large windows. Many even have a mesh window on top, like the Gateway Deluxe Cabin from Tahoe Gear, allowing you to watch the night. During the day, you can enjoy the fresh air and daylight.

If, however, you choose a tent with a mesh roof, ensure that it includes a rainfly, or that you can find a compatible one. Mesh won’t protect you from rain or strong winds.


If you’re planning on camping out during the summer, look for a good ventilation system. If the tent has windows, then that’s fine. However, some include a special design, where vents pull cool air in from the ground. It then pushes out the heat, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

Keep in mind that heat exhaustion can easily occur, especially after a day walking in the sun.

Gear Storage Features

Having a designated spot to place your gear is excellent when living in a tent. Sadly, it’s not always fulfilled — not all tents include pockets or other places for equipment.

During your search, pay attention to how many pockets and storage spaces the tent offers. Some, such as the Copper Canyon tent from Eureka, offer a suspended storage “loft,” which is a mesh pocket extended from the ceiling. These are fantastic for storing items, including pillows or clothes.


The best weatherproof tents are those that include a protective layer keeping you safe from rain and UV rays.

Many 12-people tents have something called a rainfly. This is an additional layer that you attach to the top to protect the interior.

To avoid waking up in a puddle, look for durable, waterproof floors. Some tents have a tub-styled floor, which is fantastic for keeping the moisture out. But, of course, always be smart about where you place your tent.

Climate and Seasons

Do you need a tent that you can use all year round, or are you only going to travel during specific months? Not all tents are suitable for winter use — all on our list are best suited for three seasons: summer, autumn and spring.

Benefits of a 12-Person Tent

Space for Gear

With a 12-person tent, you’ve lots of room to spare, even if there are 12 of you. These tents often have individual storage compartments or even entire rooms dedicated to gear.

A Little Elbow Room

You don’t have to be traveling 12 people to enjoy this type of tent. They’re usually recommended for folks who enjoy having that extra elbow room. They add some luxury to camping since you have a mini house to live in.


12-people tents almost always offer ample head clearance — most will give you at least 6.5 feet.

A little pro tip: look for vertical walls if you want extra height. Vertical walls automatically give you more height than slanted ones.

Extra Features

Many 12-person tents come with a few extra features. These generally include one or two room dividers, panoramic views, advanced ventilation systems and spots for electrical cords to enter the tent.


Whether you’re going away with a group or love your elbow room, a 12-person tent is a fantastic investment. Today’s clear winner is the Super Arizona GT up to 12 Person Tent by NTK because not only does it offer space, but it’s weatherproof and durable, too.

For our runner up, we chose the Tahoe Gear Prescott for how easy it is to set up and large windows for that panoramic viewing. It’s also one of the most visually attractive 12-man tents on the market.

When choosing your tent, consider how much space you’ll need — some tents are more spacious than others. Combine this with the extra features and especially whether it’s weatherproof.

Waterproof 2 Person Tent Ratings

Waterproof 2 Person Tent Ratings

Hiking can be a very great adventure. It makes you feel the connection with nature, and challenges you like no other. Even though it brings you out of your comfort zone, hiking is still loved by adventure seekers and outdoor lovers.

Packing a high-quality tent increases your comfort and safety for any backpacking activity. Companies have foreseen the increasing demand for camping tents and therefore, there are a wide variety of them now available.

However, when you are out to buy a new tent, it can be overwhelming as there are a lot of choices.

When it comes to tents, important factors to consider such as weight, weather protection, and interior space should be kept in mind. The weight should be easily carried on a long hike and difficult trails.

The tent should be rainproof so that you will be kept dry even in a deluge. It should also be large enough to accommodate you and another hiker.

To help you with choosing the best waterproof 2-person tent, here are some helpful buying tips for you.

Waterproof 2 Person Tent Buying Guide


The number-one consideration in tent buying is the weight; if you have been on many hikes before, you will agree with this. You do not want to get left behind or get body aches by having a heavy load during the hike.

A few ounces may not be a big deal, but if you want to enjoy the hike, you may want to consider packing a lightweight tent. It is one of the heaviest thing you bring along so make sure that it is light.


A tent is the only shelter you will have outdoors. Therefore, check on the protection the tent you buy will provide for you. It should be made with waterproof materials and a rainfly to protect you from rain, and from the rainwater getting inside the tent.

A tent should also be able to protect you from insects, mosquitoes, and other unwanted elements.  Beware of the extremely low-budget tents as they might not have these features.


Most tents for camping have a capacity of up to 2 adult campers because manufacturers want to keep tents lightweight. However, there are also tents that are intended for solo backpackers who want to enjoy an extremely lightweight load.

While a solo tent can be a good idea to decrease load, a 2 person tent might be a better idea, if you are a solo camper with a lot of gear you don’t want to leave outside.


Designs are also an important consideration for buying a tent. Great tents have multiple doors and air vents to reduce condensation and keep the fresh air freely flowing inside the tent.

Interior pockets are practical for storing valuables and other things on your backpacking adventure. A large headroom enables you stand inside the tent for a more convenient stay.


In everything that buy, you will consider this. However, if you have the budget, choose the best tent for you, no matter how much it is.

But for hikers who are on a limited budget, there are a few tents for camping that are lightweight, waterproof, have a good design, are made of sturdy materials and are affordable. These kinds of tents are cost effective and they can be easily found.

However, beware of the extremely cheap tents as they might not have the important features. You do not want to buy a cheap tent and have it suddenly fall apart while camping. Cheap tents should still be able to protect you and make you feel comfortable outdoors.

You can buy your tent in a brick-and-mortar stores to personally check the item. When buying online, check the return policy of the seller so you can return an unused tent within a specific time frame.

There are good waterproof 2 person tents on the market today. Some of these are the Coleman Pop Up Tent, the Geertop 4 Season 2 Person 20D Alpine Tent, the Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent, and more.


When it comes to buying a tent, make sure that you check the important factors on buying before you shell out your hard-earned money. Important features such as the protection, weight, capacity, design, and cost should always be considered. This is to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable, and fun stay outdoors during your backpacking adventure.

Lightweight 2 Person Tent Ratings

Lightweight 2 Person Tent Ratings

When it comes to camping or backpacking, you need a high-quality tent that not only provides comfort outdoors, but is also convenient to carry along. Since you have to carry your stuff while hiking, the things you bring along should be lightweight so that you won’t easily get tired.

The problem with tents is that most of them are heavy.  Manufacturers have been continuously creating different models of tents that are lightweight and more convenient to carry. But with the great number of tents, choosing can be difficult.

That is why we have listed five of the best lightweight 2-person tents for you.

The Best Lightweight 2 Person Tent Ratings

Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person 3 Season Tent

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent (Citron Green)

Weighing only 11 pounds, the Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person 3 Season Tent is one of the very lightest tents on the market today. It is made with a polyurethane coating and mesh wall panels that make it breathable and keep the air freely circulating inside.

It is easy to set up with its instructions printed on the stuff sack. Aside from the tent body and instructions, the package includes two poles, interior storage pockets, a detachable ceiling loft, and a fly attachment.

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent

Coleman  2-Person Sundome Tent, Green

Created by one of the trusted manufacturers, the Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent is sturdy and made of high quality materials that do not easily get damaged or break. It can accommodate up to two adults and has a center height of 4’.

The Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent has many features making it one of the best lightweight 2 person tents. These features include a safety pocket where you can place your valuables, a cool air port for increased ventilation, a polyethylene floor to keep water away, and welded seams to prevent water from coming in.

It weighs 7.17 pounds so it can be conveniently carried while hiking or backpacking.

Coleman Pop Up Tent

Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

Another best from Coleman, this Coleman Pop Up Tent is one of the easiest tents to put up; it is suitable for impromptu camping because of this feature. Plus, it is very lightweight at only 7 pounds. It has a lot of mesh to provide excellent ventilation.

For privacy and protection, it has a rollaway that can be easily rolled up or down. This keeps insects, mosquitoes, and other unwanted elements from the inside of the tent.

Another factor that many campers like about the Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent, it that it is affordable. It is ideal for beginners, families, and other outdoor enthusiasts who do not want to spend more time in setting up a tent.

Blue Ridge Family Outfitters Summer Camping Tent

Blue Ridge Family Outfitters 4 person Summer Camping Tent - Spacious & Waterproof 7'6"Wx6'9"Hx15'L

The Blue Ridge Family Outfitters Summer Camping Tent is not only good for two persons but more; it is one of the biggest lightweight tents that is offered on the market. If you are only two adult backpackers, why not make your tent much more comfortable and spacious?

With its spacious design, the Blue Ridge Family Outfitters Summer Camping Tent has a weight of 33 pounds. It can still be considered lightweight and can be conveniently carried with its easy carry bag.

It comes with many features including two doors for excellent ventilation, a removable rain fly to keep the air circulating inside, water repellent 1500mm polyester to keep rainwater off the tent, and more.

Geertop 4 Season 2-Person 20D Alpine Tent

GEERTOP Portable Ultralight 2 Person 4 Season Tent Waterproof Backpacking Tent Double Layer All Weather for Camping Hiking Travel Climbing Mountaineering - Easy Set Up

The Geertop 4 Season 2-Person 20D Alpine Tent is made of very strong materials that are also lightweight. It is made of 20D PU800mm waterproof silicon-coated nylon that makes the tent weigh only 6.2 pounds and water resistant.

It can comfortably accommodate 2 adults. It comes with a personalized compartment which also serves as an added space for campers. This compartment allows air to freely flow inside and out the tent and maintain a cool atmosphere inside during summer.

The Geertop 4 Season 2- Person 20D Alpine Tent is a superior tent that withstands strong winds, rain, and snow.


When it comes to lightweight 2 person tents, the above-mentioned tents are the perfect choices.  They are guaranteed lightweight so they are convenient to carry, even on challenging hikes and backpacking adventures.

Plus, they provide comfortable space that lets you rest, while keeping you protected from insects and mosquitos.